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Mary Kay Timewise Visibly Fit Body Lotion New

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It has a light fragrance, which is unusual for Mary kay.


When first applying the Mary Kay Time Wise Visibly Fit Body Lotion you feel as if it is going to be greasy. Horrors!  But as you rub it in, your skin feels silky smooth. Whatever is in the product that makes it feel greasy at first just makes your skin glow after it's applied. I am an aging woman who probably applies hand lotion 3-4 times a day to try to combat dishpan hands and frequent washing of hands.After using MK Time Wise Fit Body Lotion I do not feel as if I need to apply more hand lotion. It does the trick. I use Mary Kay because it is hypoallergenic. Therefore I was surprised that this cream has a little fragance to it. I think I'd prefer no scent, actually.  It is quite gentle on the skin and I've not experienced any allergic reaction to the scent. Some products I cannot use because of scent. It comes in a 3 oz tube. It is rather more expensive than the competition, but for a splurge it is probably worth it.

Auburn, AL


Mary Kay Timewise Visibly Fit Body Lotion New

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