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Mary Kay
Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation

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Not very good


My friend started selling Mary Kay so I figured I'd help her out, plus I like trying new makeup. I was disappointed though. The price is way too high for the quality. This is supposed to be long lasting, but it came off half way through the day. She tried to color match but it was too light for me too. The coverage was poor and so was the pigment. It was more like a tinted moisturizer.

Exeter, Ca


Mary Kay timwise


I love the Mary Kay timwise matte wear liquid foundation beige 4 it covers really good without drying out my skin. It has a great coverage I have sensitive skin so I can't wear just anything so I wear Mary Kay everything I have is Mary Kay I finish it with the pressed powder and the Mary Kay lipstick in copper star it does wonders for the lips. And again I love Mary Kay cosmetics from top to bottom.

Johnson City tn


It's the only foundation I will use!


This foundation comes in 2 types matte and luminous for oily or dry skin. It's the only liquid that doesn't break my face out.



a foundation that goes on as a liquid and dries up matte


I was looking in a Mary Kay booklet and I seen the Time Wise section and it had a lot of different types of products. Time Wise is mainly for if your older and you want healthier and smoother looking skin. I'm not old but I was just curious to try the Time Wise liquid foundation. I bought one in the shade color beige 3 and it blended very well on my face. It was a little bit darker then my normal tone but it looked good on my face. It went on smoothly as a liquid and it dried up fast turning into a matte texture. My face looked really smooth and it didn't look oily. It gave me great coverage that was a little heavy but it covered all my imperfections. It even covered my dark circles and acne scars which was great. I like how it didn't make me breakout and its oil free. This foundation is great for combination to oily skin, I wouldn't recommend this foundation if you have dry skin because it will make it more dry.



Luminous-Wear: Perfect Dewy Liquid Foundation


I have tried almost all of Mary Kay's foundations, and the TimeWise Luminous-Wear is by far my favorite liquid foundation. The MK Luminous-Wear foundation goes on very easily. So much so in fact, that it doesn't take very much of it to cover my face. I previously used the full-coverage and medium-coverage foundations before I tried this one. While they worked well for coverage, they seemed to soak into my skin so quickly that I had to use a lot of foundation to cover my whole face, even though my face was well-moisturized before application. This is not so with the Luminous-Wear. I love that the Luminous-Wear Foundation gives my skin a dewy look. This is very different from the full-coverage or even the medium-coverage liquid foundation, as they give my face more of a matte look. To me, the Luminous-Wear makes my skin look and feel younger and more healthy, and who doesn't want that?



Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation

4.2 5