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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel - All Shades

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this is a great long lasting nail polish


This is a great nail polish! It always goes on smoothly and dries rather quickly. It lasts for a long time and doesn't usually chip or peel. It is great for both hands and feet. It is also easy to apply with the shorter brush on the handle than most nail polishes


Tallahassee, FL


i loved the mary kay nail polish when they made it


i liked the nail polish when they made it. i like that it lasted a long time and that it didn't chip at all. i loved that it came in a wide variety of colors. its a bummer that they don't make this nail polish anymore because so many people liked the colors and i loved the cute bottle they would come in.


Omaha, NE


Mary Kay Nail Polish is easy to apply.


Mary Kay nail polish is no longer sold, so a neighbor who used to sell it gave me about eight bottles because when I'd buy any Mary Kay products from her, I'd always buy some nail polish from her, because I liked the colors and it was easy to apply.  Unless you're cleaning and use your fingernail to scrape something off the table it stays on.


De Soto, IA


They No longer sell Nail polish, but loved it


Mary Kay currently in 2009 no longer make or sell nail color. With the exception that somone still has some bottles on their shelf at home that did not get sold yet.  I loved this product.  Both my nail salons I get treatments at rave how they loved the nail polish by Mary Kay.   


Benicia, CA


Mary Kay makes my nails shine


We all love to look our best and as a busy mom that doesn't always happen.  Mary Kay does have nice nail polish and it is a fun time I spend with my girls painting fingernails and toe nails.  It doesn't dry quick enough for a 3 year old so we have to get out the hair dryer, but the colors are bold and they dont need extra coats.  The polish will last for a couple of days before chips happen.  Then the fun can start all over again.  I do have a few bottles that are almost 3 years old, didn't like the color after I bought it, and it has now separated.  I should just toss it, but I don't.  My 7 year old received some cheap-o nail paint for a birthday present from friends and she has tried it a couple of times, but she tells me that my paint in better - so if you want to trust a 7 year old you will know that Mary Kay is quailty nail polish and anyone at any age and use it.  I love to use the hot pink color! 


La Verkin, UT


mary kay nail polish is a good product


I got my first bottle of mary kay signiture nail polish as a test-and-keep-the-product type of thing. The nail polish coats well and you usually only need to apply one coat of the polish. However, the nail polish does not dry very fast, so I would recommend this product only if you have time to sit down and wait a while for the nail polish to dry. The polish does come it some very nice colors that would compliment just about any skin tone. I do my own manicures, so I like to keep some higher quality products on hand for when I need something very special for my nails. This is definitely a better product than the cheaper brands. One negative atribute about this product is that it doesn't go on super-smooth, so occasionaly you will have to use nail polish remover(I would reccomend one that doesn't dry your nails out.) and then re-apply the nail polish. Thank you for reading this review. I hope it helps.  


Leesburg, IN


not worth the money


**I've been particularly disappointed with the Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel. Though it comes in a nice array of colors, I don't think I've ever used a nail polish that lasted such a short time before wearing off, chipping, etc. Being that this beauty line is not inexpensive, I expected more.**


Summit, IL


Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel - All Shades

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