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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Signature Lip Gloss Beach Bronze

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Many beautiful "signature" lip looks with Mary Kay Lip Gloss


I like a more natural look in my makeup and really don't use very many products on a daily basis. That's just one of the reasons I like the Mary kay Beach Bronze Lip Gloss. It goes on wonderfully, soft and smooth and just one "coat" does the job. I like the softness and angle of the applicator sponge. The lip gloss itself felt a little heavy on my lips, but that was sort of nice because my lips were dried out from having been at the beach all day. I also like that I can wear this with whatever color clothing I am wearing and can wear it day or night. It's very versatility is one of the main things I love about it. I can change the color up using a lip liner or lipstick or use it to add a bit of gloss to my lip color or wear it alone. That's important to me because I don't like to purchase a lot of different make up for day and then also night time use. I want my products to do it all.

Houston, TX


Mary Kay Lip Gloss Beach Bronze: Sometimes it's all I wear.


**Mary Kay Signature Lip Gloss in Beach Bronze** Some of the best beauty tip advice I ever receives was from a Mary Kay consultant that said to decide whether you want to emphasize your eyes or your lips.  She said not to try to have the two competing against each other.  For me the choice was easy.  I like my blue eyes and my long lashes give me an advantage so when I want to go glam I definitely choose to emphasize the eyes.  This is what I like about Mary Kay Signature Lip Gloss Beach Bronze.  It gives me some gloss with just enough shimmer but without looking "frosty" or having a lot of dramatic color. Beach Bronze is pretty neutral and seems to work for all looks. Most of my days however are not that glam but revolve around walking dogs, tennis, soccer practices, swim lessons and bike rides.  Actually I guess those are the more glamorous activities because then comes laundry, vacuuming and cleaning toilets.  So on many days I forgo most make up and have my Mary Kay Day Solution with SPF 25 sunscreen and my Mary Kay Signature Beach Bronze Lip Gloss. It feels pretty thick and hydrating.  For me it seems to stay in place about four hours, which is about three hours longer than the expensive Clinique lip gloss that I used before.  I've recently seen someone wearing a Mary Kay Signature Lip Gloss in Pink Pearl and I may add that to the make up repertoire for summer.  If I could have only one product in my make up bag, it would be my Mary Kay Signature Lip Gloss.  

Big Island, VA


Mary Kay Signature Lip Gloss Beach Bronze

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