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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Signature Eye Color Duet - All Shades

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Mary Kay Signature Duet complement each other


I was given some samples of Mary Kay Signature Eye Color Duet. The colors I like the best are sheer pink and sugar plum. The sugar plum is the darker of the two, and works well on the lower part of the eyelid. I make sure it goes up to the crease. I then apply the sheer pink to the under the brow area. They have a slight shimmer to them, and are great for when I go dancing. They are easy to blend together, and are a perfect match. The shimmer stays all evening, and doesn't look false, or too much. These eye shadows are really easy to take off with either soap, and water, or with a good quality cleanser. I don't tend to wear them during the day but love them for special occasions.


New Port Richey, FL


Beautiful eyes from Mary Kay


I was a little wary about Mary Kay eye shadow at first.  I had memories of Mary Kay from my childhood, and they weren't all positive.  There's something a little dowdy about the brand, or so I thought. I have a friend who's a consultant, and she gave me some eyeshadow samples.  I skeptically looked at the little cards, giving them an appraising eye.  How was this tiny little amount of powder supposed to cover both of my eyes, and give me the look that I wanted? Well boy was I suprised.  After following the handy little diagram on the card, to give myself the "classic" look that I so desired, I took a step back from the mirror, and wow!  The colors really gave me a lot of pay off, along with being surprisingly complementary (the card I used had a peachy pink, a brown, and a purple).  They were very blendable, and you could definitely tell I had them on, but they weren't garish or tacky looking. i think I'll be placing an order for some colors soon, and I will definitely not regret my purchase.


Bellevue, WA


I like the value of the Duet


I have one of those plastic makeup compacts from Mary Kay, and you can only fit so many eye shadows. I had gotten some different colors to replace when the season changed, but they ended up getting broken, so that was a bit of a waste. I love these duet! You can get twice as many colors in there. Of course, you have to be selective about which colors you get to cover all the ones you need, but the combos make it so much easier to have in your compact! I replaced all but one of mine (the shade I use the most often) with these duets, and I'm quite pleased. Mary Kay does a great job of selecting color combinations that will work well together. So, if you have one of those compacts, and were looking for more options, this is the way to go!


Saint Simons Island, GA


Best Mary Kay eye shadow duet


I love using the mary kay eye shadow duet because you get two eye shadows for the price of one. i also like that they are long lasting and that they come in a wide variety of color to match any outfit. i like that you can use them even if your eyes are wet and they stay on. i would recommend this product if anyone is looking for a great deal on two eye shadows for the price of one.


Omaha, NE


Lasts Long, But Not Enough Color Choices


I have tried several of their eyecolors now.  Basically I use them from time to time when I need certain colors to use with my other shadows to create a certain look.  They are pretty long wearing, and they have some nice classic colors.  But, with the competition from MAC and many other companies that have some beautiful shimmers, metallics, and other shadows, I feel that Mary Kay needs to step up to the plate and offer more. 


Hesperia, CA


Love MK eyeshadow!


Mary Kay eye shadows are great because you get the color you see. Sometimes it takes a lot of application to get a desired color, but with Mary Kay it's not that way. They offer so many choices and the product is awesome.


Union City, MI


Easy to use and looks amazing


I love Mary Kay products.  I have always thought they were a little pricy as I was a "cheap" makeup kind of girl in my poorer days.  What I have learned though over the last year that Mary Kay offers products at a good price - especially when you compare it to the cheap stuff - it lasts so much longer.  I have brown hair and green eyes and there were three options for colors with my coloring.  I can't remember the other two but I chose the dramatic - the one you'd use for a night on the town.  The colors include a shimmery white a soft brown and a very dark dramatic grey.  Mary Kay even shows you step by step how to apply the colors to your eyes in a very easy way to get the most effective look.  And WOW!  What a difference it makes to see those colors on my eyes compared to the old way I was doing it.  I used makeup nearly every single day and the colors are still with me 8 months later.....  Love them!


Sierra Vista, AZ


Eyeshadow is excellent and comes in a large variety of colors


I just the Mary Kay products and particularly their powder eyeshadows.  I have been using their products for probably over 20 years on and off and now continuously for about 8 years.  I find them to be of excellent quality and the eyeshadows stay put and last throughout the entire day.  They are definitely a quality product and the price is quite reasonable as well.


Lincoln Park, MI


MK Signature Eye Color Duets Color Me Happy


**Mary Kay Signature Eye Color Duets** Mary Kay Signature Eye Color Duets makes choosing compimentary eye colors easy.  Each eye color duet comes with two sections with two shades of one hue.  MK consultants can also give you a helpful eye color application guide that shows you how to apply you're duets eye colors. **Why I like MK Eye Color Duets:** -Complimentary colors are already paired. -Lots of colors to choose from. -Can be applied "wet" or "dry." -Stays put and doesn't crease. My latest favorite MK Signature is "Blue Moon."  The name is misleading because it's not exactly "blue" but rather one is smoky and the other silvery.  It's been my go to eye color fo the holidays.  Blue Moon looks really good on people with "Spring" or "Ocean" coloring like blonde hair and blue eyes. A lot of Mary Kay makeup is made in the U.S.A.  I noticed that this eye color duet is made in Italy. With any eye shadows I think a eye color primer is helpful for longer lasting color and I think good applying and blending brushes are important too. The reasonable price of MK Signature Eye Color Duets makes it affordable to to have several eye color combinations on hand to fit every mood or occassion.  


Big Island, VA


Mary Kay makes one great eye shadow!


I don't wear a lot of make up so when I do I want the best.  I am a Clinique user and not very into Mary Kay, but I did recently receive a free sample of Mary Kay Signature Eye Color, it's eye shadow, and I'm liking it.  I got a few colors to try, nothing too colorful for me thanks, and I am impressed.  This "eye color" lasts a long time and the price it right, the color selection is great!  I think I may switch over to Mary Kay, well, maybe just for eye shadow!Thumbs UP!


Ann Arbor, MI


Mary Kay Signature Eye Color Duet - All Shades

4.3 10