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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundation

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I'll always wear mary kay


I have very sensitive skin but the lady that I bought from for years was well trained and I knew what I needed.everyone's skin is sensitive to a point so sometimes it takes a while to get the right color. I have no problem with Mary kay products.



Best foundation I've ever used!


This is honestly my favorite foundation. I rarely see it anymore, which makes me sad because this is honestly the best foundation. I've tried at least 10 other foundations and I always seem to go back to this one. It has no smell, and the coverage it perfect for me! I have quite a few freckles on my face, and this seems to be the only thing that covers them all up. I don't think I'll be switching to any other foundation for a while, unless I can't find this, because I simply love it so much. It comes in a good sized bottle that is easy to carry and store, and unless the lid isn't on tight, it doesn't spill. The thick cream makes my skin feel soft and moisturized without making it oily. Great product!



For someone who used to never wear foundation, I sure am loyal!


i love this foundation. I never used to wear any, and now I do! once I tried this i could hardly believe the coverage without feeling like I was hiding behind a mask. It was a perfect shade but still completely natural looking and felt amazing! I could hardly make a mistake when applying it! It worked in quite nicely and I found that it blended into my skin, especially around my jaw really nicely. I wondered if it would dry my skin, but it felt like and airy all day long. I was hooked on foundation for good! I love that they have a full coverage that works nicely for dryer skin!! It definitley looks amazing and is very natural and comfortable to wear.It was great too, if you meet up with a Mary Kay consultant they let you try on shades so you can see if a certain shade is exactly the one you were looking for! THey also have an awesome policy that is 100 percent satisfaction guarentee or your money back! you should try this foundation if you like or are interested in liquid foundation. ALSO i use is for concealer for under my eyes when I wear powder foundation.

Saint Louis, MO


Only Foundation I Use


I've tried practically every foundation in the stores and nothing compares to Mary Kay's Full Coverage Foundation. For anyone with scarring or acne, this foundation can make your skin appear flawless. It doesn't feel oily by the end of the day, it doesn't dry out my skin, and I've never had a problem with it giving me break-outs. It gives me full coverage without feeling like my face is melting and it last all day. I've had acne my whole life and because of this make-up people tell me my skin looks perfect. Occasionally I'll stay out all night and end up sleeping in my make-up. When I wake up in the morning, my skin still looks great! Some definite pros about this foundation is that a little bit goes a very long way. Plus, on certain days, if you want a lighter coverage, you can mix it with water and apply it with a sponge. Or if you want a particularly extra amount of coverage, you can apply two coats. One tube can last me six months, it's affordable, and it gives you flawless looking skin. I would recommend this foundation to anyone!

Layton, UT




I am a huge Mary Kay fan.  I just have a problem with dry skin.  Whenever I have tried to use the Full Coverage Foundation, it is flaky.  It is definitly better then many store brand foundations, but still not the best.  I can put it on in the morning and the coverage is wonderful.  It matches my color just like it's not even there.  It is offered in many shades in which a shade should be able to be found for anyone.  Unfortunatly, by late afternoon it begins to look fake and you can see it coming off.  And before you even ask, Yes I am using the dry to normal option and I am still have problems with my skin looking and feeling dry and flaky.  I'm sure that not every person is going to have this same problem.  So I believe like most make up products you have to try them for yourself to see if they are right for your skin type.  But those of us with dry skin should probably stear clear and try another Mary Kay foundation product. 

Bargersville, IN


My Mary Kay foundation is great alone or under make-up!


This full-coverage foundation from Mary Kay is one of the best. I love the way it blends in with the various tones of my skin in different areas. It easily covers my freckles, sun spots and even a small scar where I had a mole removed. I usually need to buy two different shades of foundation, one for winter and one for summer but with this all I did was add a litle moisturizer and it was the perfect shade for winter when my skin is lighter. I love that it does not block my pores or migrate in to the fine lines on my face. It feels fresh and clean, not like having a mask on. It makes my skin look flawless so I can wear it alone if I'm in a hurry or just spending the day at home. It also works well with my make-up. I'm certain my blush goes on easier and I need less of it because of the full coverage the foundation provides. This is certainly a keeper, however I do think it's a bit expensive!

Fredericksburg, PA


Too heavy


I have tried this product on two different occaisions and I have had the same results, the make up is too heavy.  I know that this is a full coverage foundation, but not everyone wants coverage that looks like a mask. 

Ellensburg, WA


Mary Kay full coverage foundation is truly amazing!


Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundation is really amazing. When I apply the foundation to my skin, it feels light and smooth as I rub it into my face. The makeup brings out your true skin tone and it and it enhances your best features. I look younger and refreshed once I have applied the makeup as fine lines and dark areas are greatly covered. Mary Kay must have changed their chemical formula because the makeup is by far more effective than it was 15 years ago. I highly recommend this product who wants complete coverage and velvety smooth younger looking skin.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


all mary kay products isworth the price


i had a consultation with a mary kay rep. she had did my face from the deep cleaning to applying the make up on me which was the foundation, the consealer and lip stick, and i must admit that after she finished , i was sold and very please. once applied, it stays on for hours, just like you had your face done.

Bronx, NY


Excellent Coverage-Even for Lupus Patients


I am very picky about makeup and I don't wear a whole lot. As a chocolate dipped, African American woman, it has been challenging to find makeup that matches my rich skin color perfectly. That was the case until I tried Mary Kay's full and medium coverage liquid foundation. I saw how a friend's face was always smooth and flawless looking without that heavy make up appearance and her skin is the same shade as mine! I asked her about her products and she introduced me to Mary Kay. I also use the Rich Fig color of lipstick which is a great shade of plum for dark skin. During the time I tried it (foundation), I was recovering from both discoid and systemic lupus. I had dark scars on my face from lupus that had nearly fully healed but still moderately visible. I tried the Mary Kay makeup and it not only completely covered my scars smoothly, my skin responsded to it very well-no pimples, no breakouts,no lupus flaring on the skin-- nothing! This make up "melts" into my skin instead of sitting on top of my face like cake frosting. The color has no ashy, gray under/overcast to it which helps it look more natural. I also tried a very popular named brand liquid foundation found in most local stores that created a line just for darker hues. It was a bad experience for me! That makeup left my face with a dry, cracked appearance and a grayish undertone! (I have no wrinkles either!). Lastly, the makeup tube lasts for such a long time and I only need a tiny bit to cover my entire face. I love it, love it, love it! I don't even wait until I'm completely out of it to reorder through friends--and now I just ordered two fresh tubes! I am pleased with Mary Kay and appreciative of the company's efforts to cater to all shades of beautiful women!    

Tampa, FL


Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundation

4.3 27