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Eau De Parfum, Perfume
Mary Kay
Mary Kay Belara

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Mary Kay Balara Perfume is great


i love this perfume. i like the bottle and i also like the scent of the perfume. i like that the bottle lasts a long time and that it affordable and that i have had lots of compliments regarding where i got this perfume at. i would recommend this perfume to family.

Omaha, NE


Mary Kay Belara Eau de Parfum-Ahhh!


Mary Kay Belara Eau de Parfum is a light, fresh smelling cologne.  It is reminisent of the woman on the go.  It is distinctive and smells good on everyone.  It is a medium botanical scent that is good any season of the year.  As an eau de parfum, it has a good oil base which helps the fragrance to last longer.  I have never received anything but compliments when I have worn it.  At certain times of the year, this fragrance is available in forms other than the spray cologne.  It is available in a body lotion, shower gel and solid perfume.  This makes it ideal for layering.  Any woman would love to receive it as a gift.  At its current price point, you can purchase one as a gift and another for yourself and still spend less than you would on a department store eau de parfum.  The beautiful teal and purple bottle is gorgeous and reminds me of a woman's hourglass figure.  It is very feminine and would look lovely on a dressertop.

Fort Smith, AR


Mary Kay Belara

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