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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Loofah Body Cleanser

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Mary Kay Bamboo body cleanser is great


i love this product. i like to treat myself to a spa feeling and this product does it. i love that it exfoliates my skin and that it has a refreshing smell to it. i love that has an easy to use flip top and that its very convient and quick to use. i would recommend this product to family and friend looking to give themselves a spa feeling without the expensive price tag.

Omaha, NE


Great Smelling Cleanser


I really like the Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Loofah Body Cleanser. It is one of my favorite body cleansers that Mary Kay has. It has a terrific smell, light and calming, and the little pieces of loofah help slough off dead skin. It also makes my skin feel smoother and fresher. There are mineral rich bamboo powder and kiwi seeds in it that help my skin feel revitalized and refreshed after showering or bathing. It also contains antioxidant extracts of passion flower and blue lotus. These help in restoring my skin so that it feels smooth and silky. The scent is not overpowering, but stays with me for a while. Another benefit is that it foams like soap, but does not dry out my skin. Instead, it moisturizes my skin. I also like that I do not need to use a bath sponge with this cleanser to get the benefit of the sloughing off of the dead skin. If you like using body cleansers that help moisturize and leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed, you will love this.

Eubank, KY


Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Body Cleanser: A treat for my senses!


**Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Loofah Body Cleanser**At the beginning of the year, I used a Christmas gift card to treat myself to new body and beauty products.  One of them that I have come to love is the Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Loofah Body Cleanser.  In fact, I may be addicted to it.  The color, the feel and the smell appeal to all of my senses.  It's like the "coffee" of my morning shower.Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Loofah Body Cleanser comes in a tube with the flip tops I appreciate and is made to stand on end to make it easier to get out every last drop.  This Lotus & Bamboo is an attractive green color.**Why I like this Mary Kay body cleanser:**It's exfoliating but not abrasive.It has an incredible lather.The smell is key for me.  It's very refreshing and clean but not too floral.  I also like the way my skin feels after I'ved used it.  ***My Viewpoint:  ***Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Loofah Body Cleanser is a real treat and for me a great way to start or end the day.  I'll definitely buy this product again.

Big Island, VA


Mary Kay Bamboo & Lotus Loofah Body Cleanser

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