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Martha White
Martha White Blueberry Muffin Mix

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Don't buy this has no taste my dog would not even eat it he


I'm returning to the store and asking for a refund and suggesting they stop selling it

Platteville colorado


Great cheap muffin mix!


We keep Martha White Blueberry Muffin mix in our pantry all the time. It is so simple to just add milk to the mix and pour into muffin tins and bake. Quick, semi-healthy breakfast or snack. My four year old loves helping with breakfast or snack by helping me pour the milk in and stir. Simple and easy. We have made regular sized muffins as well as mini muffins with this mix. I think my favorite is the mini muffins. The bite-sized muffins are easy to pop in your mouth without making a mess. The flavor of this muffin mix is mild, but yet flavorful. The texture of the mini muffins was moderately fluffy and moist. For a mix that just requires a little bit of milk and very little mixing, they taste great! This mix also freezes well. Mix up a batch as if you're going to cook them, but put the pan in the freezer. Once frozen solid, put them in a freezer bag. Pull out however many you want to bake and put them in the pan and set out for a little while and then bake. They still taste great! And it's convenient to say the least. Convenience at it's best!



Muffin mix you can't go wrong with!


I love blueberry muffins.  I have no idea how to make them from scratch.  My mother DOES make them from scratch, and they are often too thick and too dry.  This Martha White Blueberry Muffin Mix is SOO much better.  I can mix these up almost instantly.  And, they always come out perfect.  They are always nice and light, and not dried out in the slightest.  The amount of blueberries in each muffin is great, it's got tons!  Sometimes I have dinner on the oven, and decide - Oh, wouldn't blueberry muffins taste nice with this!  And there you go!  I keep spares mixes in my pantry, and they are so quick and easy, I can just pull the mix out of the cabinet, mix up a batch, and have them ready at the same time my dinner is.  And, what's better than a blueberry muffin for breakfast the next morning?  I'm getting hungry thinking about making some more of these, I think I just might have to pick up some mix!

Cayce, SC


This Blueberry mix is so easy & yummy!


I love this mix, it is so easy to make and they bake fast.  The are the kind of muffins that I can make at 6am for my family before school/work.  Most of the time you can find these for a very affordable price at the grocery stores, and I can usually find coupons for these as well.  These are so easy to make that I let my 7 year old daughter make them!  You can use the paper muffin wraps or just grease the muffin container and pour straight in.  I usually choose the make the smaller muffins and I can usually get about 12 small or 6 large out of one package.  The blueberry flavor does taste a little fake, but I don't like whole blueberries in my muffins anyway, and these taste great to me.  I usually cook them for less time than recommended, because the full time seems to brown the tops of the muffins more than I like.  I would recommend trying these, they are easy and great for kids and adults!

Mebane, NC


Martha White blueberry muffin mix, how easy is that.


Other than brownie mix and cake mixes, I do not use very many baking mixes.  My son brought home the blueberry muffin mix, so I made them.  I do like a warm muffin right from the oven with sausage and scrambled eggs. Nothing could be easier. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees, then just pour the mix into a small bowl. Add a half a cup of milk and stir till moistened.  Spray your muffin cups with cooking spray or use liners.  I chose to use the spray because I've had muffins stick to the liners before.  I used a canola oil spray.  The package recommends Crisco cooking spray.  Fill the muffin cups 2/3 full for either full size muffins or mini-muffins. The mix makes six full size or 18 mini's.  Bake for 14 to 17 minutes. I baked mine for 15 minutes and they were perfectly browned. These muffins are certainly better than a cold store bought muffin, and at 150 calories each prepared, they have fewer calories than some of the store bought ones.  However, the blueberries are artifical, and sugar content at 13 grams is high.  Fat is 4 grams per muffin. Good news is that there is no high fructose corn syrup.  The package says no trans fat, but the oils used are partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils. The taste is acceptable, they are light in texture and went great with my sausage and scrambled eggs.

Jonesboro, AR


Excellent taste, and they're easy to make!


You could spend the time to make homemade muffins on Saturday morning, but why do that when you can just make these?  They are so tasty, and very easy to make!  I love to bake from scratch, but these are really almost as good and will save you A LOT of time! You just add two ingredients (I think egg & milk) and poor them in the pan.  They bake up in less than 20 minutes.  So easy, my eleven year old can do it all by himself.  (and yet, he thinks he's performed brain surgery)  :-)  The muffins taste great too.  They may not be the healthiest things in the world, but they do make you feel good!

Jacksonville, NC


Martha White Blueberry Muffin Mix

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