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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart paint and primer

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Martha Stewart Paint Best for Craft


The Martha Stewart Living line of Interior Paint is really best for craft or small projects like picture frame, chair, small piece of woodwork, et cetera. On small or limited pieces of surface area, the colors simply can't look any better. However, when required to stretch out over an expansive surface like walls or cabinets, its coverage capability becomes an issue. However I still have a soft spot for The Martha Stewart Living line of Interior Paint, mainly because its palette of 280 colors with matching trim and ceiling color recommendations, are an extremely helpful guide you can't find with other lines of paint. The colors also tend to be softer and closer to natural palettes (almost likea Poor Man's Farrow & Ball), so you don't err on the side of garish, neon-like hues that can be whimsical for a while but very difficult to live with years down the line. As for its low-VOC feature, there is an inevitable smell that reminds me of modeling clay or wet putty.

Plano, TX


Martha Stewart paint and primer

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