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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

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Martha Stewart Kettle: Good Value, No Frills


I bought this tea kettle for a very reasonable price (on sale) at a local department store, since it compared very favorably in price to the more 'name brand' models like Cuisinart and Krups.  The shiny stainless steel construction is spare and elegant, and it looks stately sitting on the stove.  The large capacity is good for a serious tea fanatic (or French press coffee maker user).  The whistle isn't too obnoxious, starting at a pretty low volume before it really shrieks.  However, as with many bargain-priced items, there are some deficiencies.  First of all, the whistle is permanently attached to the spout, not separable, as with some other models.  The lid is tight, and can require a bit of pushing to attach securely.  And most significantly, since all of the parts of this kettle are stainless steel, with no rubber or plastic padding, they get HOT!  Don't try to flip open the spout while the tea kettle is hot unless using a pot holder. There is no 'automatic' spout opening lever.   And while the handle doesn't generally get too hot, you could burn yourself if you accidentally leave the lid slightly ajar during heating, since the handle isn't insulated.  This tea kettle works for me, but I wouldn't buy it if it were as expensive as the other models.

Livermore, CA


Martha Stewart Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

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