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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Old Fashioned Timer

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Good Independent Timer


I love Martha Stewart and the products with her name on it are usually high quality so I didn't hesitate to pick up one of her Old Fashioned Timers when I saw one at the store. I usually use the timer on my microwave when I'm doing cookies or some short baking item since I'll be in the kitchen anyway, but there are times when I have something in the oven for longer and don't want to have to hang around the kitchen listening for the microwave timer, hence the Old Fashioned Timer. I like that it has a twist setting which is easy to set and it's small enough to carry around. I love that it stands up independently as well, unlike a lot of kitchen timers which have magnets and are meant to be stuck to the fridge, which defeats the purpose. I tried this while doing a batch of mini banana breads and carried it around while doing laundry, etc. I found it it be reasonably accurate when compared to my microwave timer which I'd set for the same time. It's not accurate to the absolute second, but it's accurate enough that I feel confident using it without the microwave as a backup. I would not use it for cookies or muffins, but for longer baking items where it's not essential to get them out at the exact moment the timer rings then it's great.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Old fashioned timer


the martha steward old fashioned timer seems like a great, simplistic tool. however, I had trouble getting it to accurately keep track of time. I am not sure what the error was because to use it there is a dial that you turn to the desired length of time that you need or wish for. However, when i wasn't watching the time directly, I would feel that the timer would go off very quickly. so i began setting the timer on my microwave as a back up. I noticed that within three minutes, regardless of how long i had set the timer for (20, 30, 40, etc) the martha stewart timer would ding, indicating that the time was done. This was very frustrating, especially at the beginning when i was directly watching it and had set it for 20 minutes without a back up and didn't have an exact time of how much time remained on my baking. Design It looks stylish and fun to use; however my experinece did not result in it being a practical item to purchase.




Martha Stewart Old Fashioned Timer

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