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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Everyday Grandma Pillow

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Not what I expected from a Martha Stewart product.


So Martha Stewart products are expected to be really nice quality, right? It has been my experience with most all items with the MS name on them, but not true with these Grandma pillows. The name Grandma Pillow sounds comforting and soft and a great night's sleep....but it was not the case for us. The pillows were lumpy and hard in some places and way too soft in others. The stuffing was horrible! You could feel it wadding up and moving under your head. The only nice thing about the pillows was the covering. It was nice and durable, but it only served to hold horrible insides! I highly DO NOT recommend these pillows if you want a good night's sleep and a good quality pillow. Sorry, Martha. Not this item.

Cullman, AL


Martha Stewart Everyday Grandma Pillow

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