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Martha Stewart Everyday
Martha Stewart Everyday 4-Star Bath Towels

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very nice towels


i really like these martha stewart towels a whole lot. they are nice because i am able to buy many different colors in order to match the towel with the design and color scheme of the bathroom. i got the towels a few months ago and the color is still going strong on every one of them. the towels are machine washable and they are able to go in the dryer so that makes it much easier when they are soiled. the towels are fluffy and soft and they are very nice right after you get out of the shower. these towels are affordable but they lack consistency when it comes to quality. some of the towels last for months without a stray string, and others begin to fray weeks after i buy them. that is probably one of the only disadvantages to this that i can think of. the towel is big enough to wrap around my whole body with having and cold spots after i get out of the shower. my kids love to choose from the different available when choosing the color towel they should use.

Norwich, CT


Very soft and durable


I really like my towels from this brand.  I was given a nice set as a gift a year or so ago.  They are still my nicest towels.  The color has lasted very well through MANY washings.  They are super soft and very thick.  I find them to be more absorbent than most of my other towel sets.  I don't remember the exact color name from my set but they are a deep rust, orange shade.  It is a very vibrant shade that matches our color scheme perfectly.  The size on these are very nice and they have an overall rich and cozy feel to them.  They remind me of something you would get at a spa or a fancy hotel.  Most of my other towels have been from much cheaper sets and have worn and started to fall apart with the rigorous use they get in a family of six but these seem to just get softer and aren't showing wear at all yet.  I suppose they are of a higher quality fabric than what I usually buy.  I would certainly buy more given the opportunity!

Upstate, NY


terrible, low quality product


I bought these for some dumb reason (I never liked M. Stewart, so I was suspicious of her products as well), and sure enough I have washed them 6 times, and the lint still is falling off them. The purple lint stays on my body after I leave the shower as if they were made from lint. Ridiculous! Don't buy this crap! And they absorb in an odd way as well; almost as if they were poly or something. Never again!

Decatur, GA


The Martha Stewart bath towels are the softest I've ever bought.


I went to find some bath towels for my daughter for Christmas and came across these Martha Stewart bath towels. I was pleasantly surprised to find the variety rich of colors and how every thick and soft they were.  My daughter still raves about how well they wash and the lovely colors.  I'd definitely recommend them to others.

St. Paul, MN


They are so soft


Martha Stewart Everyday 4-Star Bath Towels are great!  They are so soft and it seems that no matter how much you wash them they don't get that flat rough feel like other towels.  And they are very absorbent.

Beaver Dam, WI


Thick and thirsty, these towels come in fab colors!


These towels are thick and thirsty and soft.  They wash beautifully and come in a great selection of colors.  I like to mix and match these towels to the two main colors in each bathroom I have.  It gives some liveliness to the look of the room. There are so many Martha Stewart Everyday 4-Star Towel colors, it's easy to do.  These are the only towels I buy anymore.  They also last a long time, and they go onsale fairly frequently.

Asheville, NC


Great family towels, tough, absorbent, and long-lasting


I bought the Martha Stewart towels and found that they are the best I've ever had.  They have held up wash after wash in strength and in color.  They are thick and absorbent--like spa towels.  I'm getting ready to buy another batch since I changed colors in my bathroom.

Mena, AR


Martha Stewart Everyday 4-Star Bath Towels

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