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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Everyday 30-Inch Portable Storage Closet

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I absolutely love the Marth Stewart portable storage closet. I have had a couple of these in the past by other makers, but nothing has been quite as impressive as this one. First, the roller casters is the best invention ever!!!! Why haven't they thought about that before? I have scraped my floor, injured my feet, and scuffed up carpets trying to drag other portable storage clostes around. The rollers make it easier and more safer as well as less damaging to your home. Second, the steel rods supporting the fixture are more durable than the reinforced plastics found in older and others portable closets I have had - they use to keep bending and making the storage closet tip sideways or to the front. Martha's stays upright and perfect. The last best thing is the clear casing which allows your to see whats inside without even having to open it up. In the past, I had one-colored navy portable closets that required me to open it up and shove and dig around to see whats in there. This I would say is the "elite to date" portable storage closet.

Arden, NC


Martha Stewart Everyday 30-Inch Portable Storage Closet

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