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Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter

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High Quality Product, but Overpriced


I love Martha Stewart craft glitter, it is high quality and very fine - perfect for an array of projects. It has excellent coverage. However, I use glitter in the products I create and sell therefore I need A LOT of it. It is a little too pricey to buy often, I tend to go for glitter I can get in bulk. If you don't use glitter often, I would definitely suggest buying this product.



martha Stewart craft paints


To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. First and foremost try opening the sealer! Yikes what a mess its a tiny little hole not at all like other craft paints and you have to peel back the foil in the process the paint shoots up and gets all over fingers. Even with my primer base (I always prime) the consistancy is good but the coverage is very poor.

Deposit, NY




I feel odd writing a review about glitter, but honestly, this glitter is almost life altering. We have all used that glitter that feels like giant flecks of aluminum foil. This glitter is so fine and almost silky that it feels like beautiful, shiny colored sand. I purchased the 24 pack because I was feeling particularly crafty and the colors looked like a nice variety. I was not disappointed. The variety of colors are like no other glitter I have seen on the market. The projects that I have used the glitter on have turned out beautifully and super sparkly. But, to me, that most important part is that the glitter is ultra fine. Highly recommend.

Pennsville, NJ


Martha Stewart Craft Glitter is excellent and super high quality


I am a crafter, but I'm a cheap crafter. I don't usually like to purchase products based on names, because usually you're just buying for the hype. BUT, I have to say that Martha Stewart Craft Glitter (along with her craft paints) are indeed excellent. The particles are very fine and actually look quiet expensive and elegant. I purchased mine at Michael's and fortunately I had a coupon so it made these just as affordable as any other brand. The sparkle is beautiful and I am now sold on Martha Stewart Glitter for all of my card making (and album creating) projects.

Livonia, MI


Martha Stewart adds the kind of glitter I am looking for!!!


I received a package of the Martha Stewart Glitter as a gift exchange and I am so happy that I have received it. I love how it sparkles. With the fine glitter it adds just the kind of sparkle to any project.

Hartland, WI


Love her glitter collections!


I have always loved Martha Stewart. I used to watch her shows way back when. Even my grandmother used to watch it with me. She loved it when Martha and her mother would cook together on her show. I came across some of Martha Stewart's card making kits, fine glitter and scrap-booking products last year and fell in love with them. Whenever I need good quality, fine glitter I always choose the Martha Stewart brand. It is just the best and offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. At the moment I'm having fun using her glitter to make different adorable Christmas decor for outside as well as inside.

Phoenix, AZ


Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter

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