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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Color Performance

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WAY too pricey!


I don't understand all the hype about the Martha Stewart Color Performance. I only picked this up because many of my friends recommended it to me and said that the paint was amazing. I do have to admit, the color variety is amazing and the colors were rich and vibrant. I ended up picking a magnificent pale yellow color for my kitchen. However, the paint was SO expensive!! It had good coverage and it was easy to paint, but it was just not worth the price! It's good for small places like the bathroom, but my kitchen is huge, so it took a lot of paint to cover up my entire kitchen.



Pricey but Effective


I wanted to paint the interior of a closet in my home so I went to check out paint options. When I saw that Martha Stewart had her own paint then I simply had to get it for my project. I loved the wide range of colors and took several of the color sample cards home with me to see how they would look in my home. I ultimately went with one of the medium blues (I can't remember the exact name). I purchased my can of paint and brought it home and applied two coats over the course of a weekend. I was quite pleased with the coverage even though I wasn't really trying to cover anything up. It was easy to apply and easy to clean up and drips. The paint is very expensive though. It is much more expensive than the store brand but comparable with the other designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and such. I probably wouldn't use this to paint an entire room, but for smaller rooms like bathrooms and closets it's a nice option.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Wide Selection of Colors and Quality Paint


I love Martha Stewart anything so when I decided to repaint my living room I went to my nearest major home improvement store and saw that they carried this paint. The selection of colors was impressive and each color had coordinating colors that matched. I took a lot of sample cards home to make my decision and went with a line of greens. The price is about the same as any other major paint brand. I love the color selection Martha provides. The quality was nice, a nice thick paint that provided good coverage. It was easy to apply and seemed to be durable when it dried. Martha always puts out a quality product and this one is no different. If you are looking for paint that is modern and up to date with all the colors that works well, then this one is for you.I recommend it for any room in the house and give it a very good rating. Fairly priced for a good , durable paint. Quality Very nice Durability Very durable Coverage Covers very well Ease of Appliation Easy to apply.

New Egypt, NJ


It's alright


The colors she offers are awesome! When I was painting my apartment I was looking for unique paint colors and this is where I found them. Her paint costs way more than its worth. They are nice but for what they are they are definitely over priced. Use for smaller projects.



Might as well paint with chalk


Martha Stewart Living Color Performance paint is useless. Martha's colors are gorgeous, but the paint does not perform. In fact, that is an understatement. I painted a small area with this paint. I let it cure for 3 days. After curing, I could wipe the paint away with water and a soft cloth. I did not scrub hard. The paint came off in small sheets of latex. Does NOT adhere. I ended up taking the Martha Stewart color chip to our local hardware store. They matched the color and I got a paint that actually adhered to the wall. With all of today's technology, I don't understand why such a subpar paint would even be on the market.

Harper Woods, MI


Martha Stewart Color Performance

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