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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart 14-Piece Glass Food Storage Set

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Great Alternative to Plastic


I love glass food storage containers since they can go from the freezer to the fridge to the microwave all without any issues. Plus they're sturdy! I usually purchase the GlassLock brand but I wanted to try Martha's brand because of the flexible lids. I loved the variety of sizes in this collection. The smaller ones are great for small bits of leftovers like applesauce or that last bit of mashed potatoes. The medium ones are great for leftover pieces of roast. I really like the one that is shaped almost like a loaf pan. For some reason that is the one that I grab most whenever I have to put something in the fridge. It just is such a great shape and I prefer it over the round ones. I also love to give these to family members when I'm bring them a meal as they seal super tight and I don't have to worry about them leaking in my cooler on the ride over. I hand wash mine so I can't say how the lids would hold up in the dishwasher, but I've had absolutely no issues with mine warping or not fitting well.

Vernon Rockville, CT


The LIDS...they actually fit well!!


Nice green color for the TIGHT FITTING lids and good sizes and shapes for the glass containers, make this Martha Stewart Food Storage Set a must have for your home! They stack so well in the fridge and when not in use, they fit well in the kitchen cabinet, too. They problem with most food storage containers for me has always been the fact that the lids would warp and shrink in the dish washer, become sticky and discolored, and basically useless after their first use. NOT the case here. This set has been excellent, with no problems at all! I am planning to purchase at least another set, maybe 2. The price is great and affordable for most any budget. I highly recommend these!

Cullman, AL


Martha Stewart Glass Food Storage Set is a good value


After reading about the health concerns of plastic containers I decided to switch to glass. I tried another brand first but really didn't like the lids. So when I found the Martha Stewart glass food storage set I decided to try them.   The set comes with a nice assortment of sizes. I use the larger ones for left overs or make ahead meals, and the smaller ones are handy for packing lunches. I like that the part of the container that the food comes in contact with is chemical free. The glass makes them very versatile, you can use them for baking, microwave, serving and storage.  Sometimes leftovers at my house get pushed to the back of the fridge and get a bit, well, yucky. When I used plastic storage containers I would just end up throwing the whole thing out if it was too gross. Glass has the advantage of being non-porous, so the can be scrubbed out and salvaged. The only problem I've had with this set is that one of the lids split. It would be great if replacement lids were available in stores, as the glass bottoms are almost certain to outlast the plastic lids.

Elmira, NY


Martha Stewart 14-Piece Glass Food Storage Set

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