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Mars - M&M's  Raspberry

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Candy coated M&M chocolates with a raspberry flavor.


Mars M&M's Raspberry may be the only M&M flavor I have ever tried, which I did not like. I usually like chocolate and raspberry too. There is something about the raspberry flavoring that is just too artificial. They are really gross! I couldn't even give them away to my co-workers.



Interesting flavor.


I love raspberries. I also love chocolate and M&M's. It took me a while to hunt down these limited edition ones, but I'm glad I did. They aren't my favorite flavor M&M, but they are very good. The only criticism I would have would be that they don't have enough raspberry flavor! It's more like chocolate with a hint of raspberry, and not raspberry flavored M&M's. They're still good though and I would still pick up a bag again if I saw them!



I love trying new products, especially chocolate


I love chocolate.  I love M & M's.  I love raspberries.  What could be better than Raspberry M & M's???  So, I tried them.  They tasted like chocolate with a hint of raspberry.  Can't say that they are my favorite flavor or M & M's, but I would try them again, if I could find them.

Richmond, KY


MMMMM Chocolate and Raspberries


    Chocolate usually goes with almost everything. My favorites with chocolate are peanut butter (like Reese's, or a homemade candy called buckeyes), cherries (the chocolate covered kind are best), orange (like orange cream chocolate), strawberries (fresh sweet and dipped in chocolate), and raspberries.     Raspberry M & Ms come in a candy bag much like regular M & Ms, but the bag is sort of pinky-purple. The M & Ms inside are a rosy pink and are larger than the plain chocolate. The best way to eat them is slow. Real slow. There is not enough raspberry in them to stick with the chocolate taste. The first couple you eat taste more of raspberries than the later ones. If you eat them slow enough, you will taste the raspberries a lot longer.    Unfortunately for me, an open bag is one that is gone. I try to savor the flavor as long as I can, but the next thing I know, they're gone. Raspberry M & Ms do satisfy the sweet tooth and I really do love them.

Middletown, MD


Something Different - but still yummy!


It is so nice to find something different to snack on. We get bored easily with the "same-olds" at times, so I was excited to find something different that was still simple. My kids & husband really liked them too. The only thing that I found wrong with them was that they could be a choking hazard to younger kids. I cut some up for my youngest because they just seemed too big for her. The flavor is good, with a nice chocolate taste with just a hint of raspberry. I was sad that when I went to buy some they didn't carry them anymore. I hope to find them at another store again, but am afraid they are a limited time offer.

Aberdeen, SD


Mars - M&M's Raspberry

3.4 5