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Mark. face xpert

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Mark. face xpert foundation makes you look flawless!


mark. face xpert foundation makes skin look practically flawless with one easy application.  The applicator tip makes it easy to get just the right amount of foundation where you need it.  The formula is light weight and non-greasy; it is also hypo-allergenic for those who have super sensitive skin. I have a lot of red splotches on my very pale skin, and this foundation evened out my skin tone without making me feel like I was wearing a mask.  The formula is non-greasy so my face does not get even more broken out or splotchy with use.  I found it was easily blendable, and easy to layer for extra coverage in spots that needed it the most. My only complaint with mark. face xpert foundation is that it will settle into fine lines if you do not set it with powder pretty quickly, and if you live in a humid or hot environment like I do it can get smudged easier than other foundations.  I would suggest using a primer for that purpose.

Houston, TX


Air brushed finish


  I have a very fair complexion and a combination skin tone so finding a foundation that matches my skin tone and gos on smoothly has been quite a challenge for me over the years I decided to try this product after reading rave reviews but I must admit I was a skeptic at 1st .I tryed the product and the 1st thing I noticed was how smooth the application process was the product has a sponge applicator tip that grasps just the right amount of foundation and has very little mess. Another concern of my when buying a foundation is how smooth it looks on my skin when looking in the mirror I was very happ with how airbrushed my face looked with this product on yet I wanted to make sure it would still look good eaven in the sunlight so I stepped outside and was still very pleased with the out come . This product is good for those who are looking for a lite smooth medium buildable coverage product I will defintly be purchasing this product again.

Rocky Mount, VA


Flawless Touch Make-Up


Mark face xpert is a good foundation I recommend to everyone. I use Natural and it looks very good with my skin tone. It isn't oil nor smudgy. My skin tone is kind of pale so I use this foundation to make my skin look more tan. I like the way it looks. It is easy to apply and there are no smudges like on other products. I don't recomment this product to people with dry skin, because it can make your face very ashy. It is pretty straight forward. This foundation is my everyday look and even without mascara and eye liner it looks very beautiful. Don't forget how smooth it makes your skin feel. Applying a little of blush is so natural and flawless.

Bay Point, CA


Mark. face xpert

4.3 3