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Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

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Got rid of my brown spot!


I received a sample of this product with my order and I was very excited to try it. I had a small brown spot on my face that bothered me. After I washed my faced every night, I would dab a tiny bit on my finger and place it on the brown spot. I did this every night for a few weeks and then one day I noticed the spot was gone! It was a very exciting day. I also tried this product on a birthmark I had but had no success on that, which I wasn't expecting a whole lot of change with it. The only downside is that if you don't use the product within a certain time frame, it dries out and becomes unusable. It is a bit pricey too but worth it. I do have dry skin so I was worried it would dry out my skin but it did not. I just made sure to wash my face the next day and moisturize. If you have those pesky sunspots on your face, I would highly recommend you try this product. I had no side effects and now my face is clear of that little brown spot that bothered me. Effectiveness It worked wonders on my brown spot. Ease of Application Very easy and not messy at all. Scent I did not notice a strong scent at all.

West Lafayette, IN


Still see scars


I have to admit, the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask really did seem to whiten my skin and overall, it brightened my face. The scent was good and it was extremely easy to apply the mask on. However, you could still see the blackheads and scars on my forehead, which wasn't whitened at all.



Mario Badescu Whitening Mask is a nice treat for your face


Mario Badescu Whitening Mask is a nice treat for your face. I came across this mask when I was looking at Mario Badescu's acne treatment products in Ulta. I have acne and I have acne scars and dark spots from past acne breaks, so I thought I would give this mask a try to see if it would improve the appearance of the scars and marks. After using the mask a couple times a week, I can say I saw no reduction in the appearance in my post acne scars, but I did see an overall improvement in the appearance of my face. The mask did make my face look brighter and improved the tone of my skin and my pores looked like they got smaller. I have sensitive skin and saw no problem using this mask. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask may be expensive, but I think it is worth it. Ease of Application The mask is a little thin and can be messy when applying it



Doesn't work for whitening


I have hyperpigmentation, basically melasma, on most of my face and I was hoping this would even out those brown spots by lightening them up a bit, but unfortunately it does not work. It goes on really chalky and doesn't feel like it's really penetrating the skin. I used up the entire container over a month or so and saw no difference in my skin tone. It did seem to dry my skin out, which helped my acne, but I wouldn't buy this product for acne use since Mario Badescue has a lot of good products for acne already. The only reason I didn't say it was "very poor" is because it did help dry my oily skin out enough to clear it up a bit, but if you're looking for skin whitening, this is not a good product for that. Effectiveness It simply isn't effective. Does not work. Ease of Application It just sits on top of your skin, flaking off as it's drying, instead of really penetrating your skin so it can work. Scent There is virtually no scent.

Orlando, FL


Brightens skin, but did not fade my scars


My mother purchased a Mario Badescu skincare kit for me a few months ago when I told her I was looking for Vitamin C serum.  This Whitening Mask came in the kit, and I read good reviews about it on MakeupAlley, so I was excited to try it.  It comes in a small jar and is a very thick white cream, and it smells lovely and fresh.  My skin feels very smooth and clean after a twenty-minute mask.  Unfortunately those are the only positive things I can say about this mask, since I really haven't seen any results.  The cream is very hard to wash off - I have been exfoliating afterwards or getting in the shower to fully get if off - otherwise it leaves a film!  Although my face feels better, it looks the same - not that much brighter or more even.  I have been using it for maybe two months, twice a week, twenty minutes at a time.  I still have some light scars on my cheek from acne, and I don't think they have faded any.  Perhaps I'll have better results with more uses and maybe longer masks.

La Jolla, CA


Spot Away!


I have been using the mask as well for several months and have to say that I have noticed results. I have just discovered what i call a "sunspot". I have been using this mask to spot treat that area. I think its fading. I wish it had a more pronouced scent-like "fruit". The mask goes on smoothly, and you need not slap it on in a thick layer.

Rock Springs, WY


The Whitening Mask brightens your complexion.


The Mario Badescu Whitening mask is a great product to use to reduce redness and brighten your complexion. It will also help reduce the appearance of acne scars. I have used this product in two ways: 1) as an overall face mask and 2) as a spot treatment for acne scars. I have found it is the most effective as an overall face mask but have had some limited results with reducing the appearance of acne scars. It was actually a sales person from Mario Badescu that suggested that I just use it as a spot treatment since I was really interested in reducing my scars so I was a little surprised that it did not produce better results but the mask is effective enough at evening my skin tone that I will continue to use it.  One issue I have with the whitening mask is the packaging. It is in a jar like most other Mario Badescu masks but I find that if you do not have the lid on air tight the mask left in the jar will start to dry out. 

North Andover, MA


Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

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