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Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream

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Moisturizing but non-greasy--perfect for dry winter skin!


I've searched high and low for a good, moisturizing eye cream that I can use under make up and before bed. After trying drugstore brands (Neutrogena, Aveeno, etc) as well as pricier brands (Clinique, Philosophy) I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks--nothing was working just right. A friend recommended Mario Badescu products because of the natural ingredients and affordable prices. There are a couple other eye creams by the brand, but I immediately fell for this one because it's so smooth and moisturizing--Chicago winters wreak havoc on my dry skin--and wears well under make up. FYI, a little bit goes a long way. Give it a try!




Saw no change in my fine lines


I received this product from the company in a sample set that they sent me to try, I am assuming, in the hopes that I would buy their product and/or become a faithful customer or something. Anyway, I have been using this eye cream for about a week and maybe I am just being impatient, but I have not seen any results. I suffer from the hereditary dark circles and have some fine lines that I could use a little help with. This cream just seemed to sit on the under eye area and I never felt like it was actually dissolving into my under eye area like it should. When I applied my concealer after putting this on, the concealer did not seem to do aniything either, kinda of would not conceal? I have used my concealer for years, so I know it is not that, so I am thinking that it has to be this eye cream. I have heard that eye creams are ineffective, but will keep up the search to find my holy grail of eyecreams. :)


Lansing, MI


Pretty good--I'm waiting to see if I notice long-term results!


I'm only 24 and seeing premature signs of aging that are freaking me out. About a month ago, I had to take a couple of difficult tests to be certified for a job, and I stressed, didn't sleep, cried, you get the picture. I looked in the mirror after the tests were over, and the skin under my eyes was red and puffy, below the usual dark circles. I began to panic and have since tried every eye cream I can get my hands on. Among those I've tried, this one ranks pretty high as far as I can tell. I received it in a free sample pack from Mario Badescu's website (definitely order samples if you can find a link; the last time I rechecked, they had stopped giving them out), along with usage directions I wouldn't necessarily follow to a T. I was instructed to use this morning and night... well, it's perfect for night, but I wouldn't try it during the day. (It's a very thick moisturizing cream, so I don't think makeup would stay on top of it.) It cools and soothes, and I haven't noticed any bags under my eyes since using it. I still have the dark circles, but we'll see if this stuff can tackle them in the long run!


Spartanburg, SC


Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream was disappointing.


I received this as a sample from the Mario Badescu product line called 'Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream' and I found it to be very thick and creamy to my disliking.  Although it was moisturizing it just doesn't seem to sink into my skin.  it just sits on top of it.  This would be fine to put on at night, but if I were to wear it in the morning (as is instructed so in the guide), forget it.  My eye make up would apply smoothly but would cake up eventually.  The product felt too heavy and oily. And, it would irritate my eyes a little.  My eyes felt slightly burned and and there was itching at the corners of my outer eyes that it became red by morning!  On top of that I do suffer from puffy eyes and although it felt moisturizing the puffyiness seems to have gotten worse. I normally prefer to have all my skin care products to be free of any fragrances and colorings because I do a sensitive skin and this product does comply with that.  Everything else about it caused me great disappointment.  So all in all this is not for me and I would not purchase this product.


Miami, FL


Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream

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