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Salad Dressing
Marie's creamy chipotle ranch salad dressing

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if i could give more than five stars - i would.


Maries's creamy chipotle ranch salad dressing is very yummy.  It is almost like that yogurt commerical where the two girls are talking about other things that are great and comparing the yogurt to it. First off, this is not just a salad dressing for salad.  I have used Marie's creamy chipotle ranch for marinades and on stir fry. It states on the bottle that it is good for dips.  Definitely, it is great for chips, veggies and even topping a baked potatoe. There are some cons for this dressing. Two tablespoons have 170 calories. It also has 19 grams of fat, but 3 grams are saturated.  Unfortunately, it doesn't state on the bottle where the other grams have gone.  It is low in carbs and sugars. The other drawback is the bottle is usually  made out of glass.  If you have small kids who like to eat dressing with veggies, it is best to put this in a plastic container. In closing, it is a great dressing with no preservatives and natural ingredients.  Tasting yummy is the cherry on top.

Maitland, FL


Marie's creamy chipotle ranch salad dressing

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