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Marie Callender's
Marie Callender's Frozen Dinners and Pies

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Wheres the sauce?


I got the beef and broccoli and the packaging shows a mouth-watering plate of beef,broccoli, rice and lots of sauce. When I get done mircowaving my meal that I have heen looking forward to ALL day, guess what? Theres barely ANY sauce at all. Its dry, the rice tastes like two-day-old takeout. Im white and even I know this isnt good rice. Just because Im poor doesnt mean I should be deprived of sauce. Extremely disappointed.



Really good food, very close to home cooked.


We regularly buy Marie Callender brand frozen dinners.  I had their beef tips in mushroom gravy this morning.  Yummm!  My husband tried them first.  They are all really good.  All the ones we have tried have generous portions, and great taste.  The beef tips meal is particularly good, with a nice size portion of beef.  The mushroom sauce is good too, with slices of mushrooms.  The tray is a round one with 2 compartments.  The beef tips are in one with roasted potatoes (red skin potatoes with the skin on), and it comes with green beans with cranberries.  My hubby really likes the green beans, and so I usually give mine to him as I am not a green bean person.  My hubby also likes their country fried chicken with gravy a lot.  I have tried a bite of his chicken, and it is good too.  My hubby is a big chicken fan, so if he likes it - you know it is good.  If you are searching for a brand of frozen dinners to get, these are a good line to try.  I recommend them highly.  Good quality food for what I consider to be a reasonable price. 

Hartford, KY


Marie Callender's Frozen Dinners and Pies

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