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Margaritaville Island Lime Shrimp

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I am going to have a talk with Jimmy Buffett about this.


Dear Jimmy (Buffett - in case you forgot your last name), I love, love, love you (in a non-stalker kind of way), and your Margaritaville restaurant rocks (literally in Vegas - or those visual effects fooled me). I am glad you have decided to go into the frozen food business. Some of us Parrot Heads are downright lazy and need something in the freezer that will keep us between the nutritional beacons. Today I found you in the grocery store. Well, I found your Margaritaville Island Lime Shrimp. It was almost as exciting as finding a porta-toilet at your concert. Such relief. Something for dinner. Flush that grocery paper list. I have seen the light. Son of a son of . . . let's get drunk and eat Island Lime Shrimp. I opened that big, old box. You will not believe how small that pouch is. No. You would not. Cheeseburgers in paradise are not McDonald's kid meal burgers. They are monster burgers. This was a happy meal pouch. I had to break out canned biscuits and canned corn to help round out this meal. The directions say to dump these shrimp in the skillet and not to add any oil. It makes it's own. OK. That's fine. I dump it in, and it looks like a mess. It doesn't need oil though. There's plenty of sauce. I should have taken the cue from the box. I needed a heap of rice, which I did not think to cook. This was Island Lime Sauce with a few shrimp tossed in - 12 to be exact. Again, I know you could eat 12 shrimp in about 2 seconds. That's only 4 shrimp per person here. Someone fibbed on your box about "extra large shrimp." You oughta check into that. These are one step above popcorn shrimp - or extra small shrimp. I could suck down my whole 4 shrimp in one bite, but I didn't. Any beach boy would know that "extra large" shrimp these are not. Well, I will have to say these are tasty. My boys say "not." They both said "thumbs down" and gave me their shrimp, so I had 10 total. That still wasn't anywhere near a serving. I think I'm going to have to get a bologna sandwich before bed. I guess I'll say that you've got a good idea here. Don't put them in a big box when you're not filling it up. Don't tell me that I'm getting extra large shrimp when they are mini shrimp. Imagine that I'm over for dinner at your house and do me right. I'd rather pay more than buy a bunch of half-empty boxes to feed my less then half-full family. You're not a fru-fru guy, and I would expect more in more ways than one from you. Happy sailing and don't stock up on these, or you will have a mutiny on your hands. Your buddies will not be doing "fins" and boucing beach balls around if you starve them. CyndiA - the ParrotHead (who still loves you in that non-stalker kind of way)

southern, NC


Margaritaville Island Lime Shrimp

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