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Margaret Holmes
Margaret Holmes Triple Succotash - Blend of Tomatoes, Corn & Butter Beans

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If I had the urge for tomato soup, that is what I would buy.


I am Southern and have always loved succotash which is, around here, corn and lima beans. I bought a can of Margaret Holmes Triple Succotash which includes corn, butter beans, and tomatoes. Sounded close enough. First off, I would say the picture on the can is very misleading. This mix of vegetables looks thick like we do them in the South. But, this is a runny mess, mainly due to a high percentage of tomatoes. On the can, you see corn and lima beans (that they are calling butter beans), but the can is full of mostly tomatoes. So, it heats up more like tomato soup with some corn and limas tossed in. As far as the beans, here in the South (at least North Carolina) butter beans are the yellow beans while lima beans are the smaller green ones. The photo on the can does have the smaller green limas, and that is what is in the can. Fine by me. I prefer the little lima beans over the bigger butter beans. As far as the taste, it was OK once I wrapped my head around it being more like tomato soup with some veggies. Served in a bowl with a spoon, this might be fine. Not my top pick - but OK. On a plate, the juice (even using a slotted spoon) runs out all over. It was certainly not too tasty running over on the fish tonight. There is a reason fish is not marinated or cooked in vegetable juice. That's kind of ick. Call the Triple Succotash by Margaret Holmes a soup or drain that stuff some. And, either change the photo on the can or reduce the tomatoes. Might also cut the tomatoes up a bit as tomato clumps are rather slimy in my book. One thing I can say is that this Southern product is pretty healthy. They don't even use loads of salt (just 13% daily), so that's a thumbs up. But, other than that, I would call this a soup or probably more of a soup base. I make good succotash, and if it turned out like this, then I would make it into soup or not serve it. It's just a really runny mess on the plate.

southern, NC


Margaret Holmes Triple Succotash - Blend of Tomatoes, Corn & Butter Beans

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