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Marcy MS-101
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Marcy MS-101 Hers Elite Mini Stepper with Bands

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feely small and easy to store


I received the Marcy hers elite mini stepper from my husband as a present. At first wanted to hurt him because that is not a present to me. But now I thank him. I have been using my mini stepper for a couple of months now and I have lost inches and built muscle mass in my legs. At first it was hard to get use to because I didn't have the leg strength to do it for more than five minutes.Now I can go for fifteen minutes. I know fifteen minutes on a mini stpper does not sound like a lot but you would be surprised. It tones and gets your heart pumping. When you first get off the stepper from doing a fifteen minute workout your legs feel like spaggetti. It takes a few minutes for your legs to go back to normal. I just put it in front of the tv when i have extra time and I can do fifteen minutes with no problem and I don't get bored because i am watching tv. You cna carry it to any room of your house because it is light weight.

Jeanerette, LA


Stair climbers kick your bum you know!


I dread the stair climber.  I really do.  As good as they are for you, they really tend to make an impact nearly right off the bat.  Maybe I am just out of shape but I can only do it for so long before I am red in the face and sweating and out of breath!  All that being said, I purchased this gem last year.  Even clumsy me got the hang of it, and it does take a bit of coordination to not only stand on this thing but move the pedals without falling off!  There is a reason the stair climbers at the gym have bars to hold on to you know!  This also tracks your calories burned, and how many steps you've taken.  One of the best features of this machine honestly, is how small and compact it is.  It can fit anywhere practically and stores away while not in use.  How often can you say that about your exercise equipment?  This machine will give you the same results as the stair climbers you find at the gym, without an audience or the gym membership! 

Fairborn, OH


Hers Elite gives you a workout


This little machine is powerful and complete! the bands give you extra additions to do the ultimate workout.  At first I didn't like it cause I am not that coordinated but it is not hard and you control your tension levels as you build.  Great for total body work out.  When you don't have alot of time to do a long workout session this is the machine for you.

Riverdale, GA


Marcy MS-101 Hers Elite Mini Stepper with Bands

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