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Marco Negri ,

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A sweet bit of Heaven


I do not typically like sweet wines but this one is definitley one you need to try out.  I would say this is a ladies wine, it has a touch of sweet nector, chilled with a slight fizz, not bubbly, just a slight yet perfected fizz.  If you are having a party and a lot of woman will be present, this wine will get thier attention, they will think they died and gone to heaven.  Make certain you have plenty on hand as it will go fast! 

South Saint Paul, MN


Oh so sweet and good


My sister gave me this wine for Thanksgiving and it is now my very favorite. Even people that don't like wine will love this one. It leaves no bad after taste. It is smooth and sweet. Thanks Sis! ;-)Marco Negri  Ummmm Ummmmm Good.

Bella Vista, AR


Marco Negri ,

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