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Maranda Enterprises
Maranda Enterprises Double LadderBall

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Double LadderBall is Fun, Easy to Set Up, and Stores in a Bag


**Maranda Enterprises Double LadderBall** is a bola game that is easy to set up, works well for adults and children of various ages, and stores in a bag. It is recommended for ages 4 and up. Set Up for LadderBall: The game has two uprights. Each upright consists of a stand with a blue, red, and white bar. No tools are required for assembly. Just push the pieces together. The uprights have a pretty wide base, and when we have played the game, they haven't been in any danger of tipping over. Place the uprights about 25 feet apart (or closer together for young kids). **To Play LadderBall:** The game has six bolas. These are braided 11" ropes with two balls about the weight of a golf ball but a little larger in size on each end. There are three red ones and three blue ones in my game. Teams take turns throwing their color of bola at the upright. You get three points for blue, two points for red, and one point for white. If the opposing team lands one on the same color, then your points are taken off. Teams rotate sort of like playing horseshoes to make it fair. **Other Information about LadderBall:** - It won a 2008 creative toy awards Game of the Year Aard (Creative Child Magazine) - It can be set up indoors if you have lots of room and can clear the area. - The box says it is ASTM toy safety tested and approved and is lead safe. - The idea for the game may have originated with cowboys who used a fence for the target. **My Viewpoint:** I brought this **Maranda Enterprises Double LadderBall **to a family gathering the other day, and it was a real hit! We had adults as well as young kids who tried their hands at it. Smaller children may have more fun by standing a bit closer when throwing, but one 8-year-old was holding his own at a distance the same as the adults! A safety issue would be to make sure that the area is clear before throwing. It's pretty easy to misjudge and many bolas went flying past the target, and small children aren't the best at looking before walking in a play area. I probably wouldn't play this inside unless I had really small kids that were standing very close to the target. This is a fun, portable game that doesn't take a lot of assembly time but may require a bit of practice to get very many points! My brother bought this game for my family as a Christmas gift, so I'm not sure on the price for this game, but it did make a fun present!


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Maranda Enterprises Double LadderBall

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