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Mane 'n Tail
Mane N Tail La Bella

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Los Caballos Shampoo leaves your Hair soft and Silky


I had a hard time growing my hair and i tried different shampoos and none will work for me until i tried La Bella Mane N Tail shampoo and conditioner, it leaves my hair soft and silky it also feels thick and it has grown slowly but i have seen the diffrence in my hair, i also had a problem with my hair falling of alot and until i tried this shampoo and conditioner my hair stop falling, i recommended this shampoo to my mother because she also had a problem with her hair falling and it also work for her in every way she said her hair doesnt fall as much as it uses to berfore, my daughter uses this shampoo too and it works realy good on her hair because she has vary frizzy hair and it leaves her hair smooth and silky and her hair is not frizzy, I would recommened everybody to used this shampoo and conditioner it really works Miracles, I also have a sister that was having problems loosing her hair and i recommend her to used this product and she had amazing results.

Bakersfield, CA


Mane N Tail La Bella

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