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Omega-3, Omega-6
Manatech Ambrotose

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Positive Health Impact for us


We've been Mannatech product users for over 10 years. This and other health supplements have helped our family receive the balance of nutrients we need. I believe it has helped us stay healthier, avoid many common ailments and recover more quickly when we do come down with something. It's not a cure all. It simply helps our bodies receive the nutrients missing in many of todays processed foods. It can be a bit pricey but we've determined our health is worth every penny. We liked the products so much we became associates, not to sell, sell, sell but to save on our cost of purchasing it for ourselves.

Dayton, Ohio


This is an essential glyconutrient worth its weight in gold


Ambrotose made by Mannatech Inc. out of Copell TX is one of the best supplements on the earth. Made and patented in the USA it has what all  bodies need.....The ability to help digest and absorb essential nutrients. Tested and continually being quality assured makes this supplemet safe, efeective and cutting edge. So.... I give to you this hint.....Check it out!

Crystal River, FL


I will never be without this product.


I believe that this product has increased my overall health and well being.  It resulted in more energy and no more colds and flu symptoms.  I can be in a room of sick people and still come home without catching whatever it was they had.  According to the studies, it is totally natural with no side affects.  Better that medicine today!

Pagosa Springs, CO


Manatech Ambrotose

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