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Mally 24/7 eyeliner system

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Not quite bulletproof, but pretty close


It's hard to find eyeliners that stay put. Most migrate to the crease of your eye or wander down your cheek. Mally has come pretty close to creating foolproof eyes. The liner, shadow and powder work together to keep everything where you put it. It's worked well for me, though I have a little trouble getting a fine enough line with the pencil. Practice should improve things. Try it - it's worth it!

Albertson, NY


Good, But Not Great


I've just recently begun using Mally eyeliner after many years of drugstore varieties.  I like the colors and how it is easy it is to apply, but I don't find it nearly as "bullet-proof" as Mally claims. Even when I use primer first, I still find an ugly line has transferred above my lids.  Maybe it works better for someone who is younger and doesn't have the sagging problems that come with age.  I still like the product though and will continue to use it until I find something more long-lasting.

San Ramon, CA


The perfect solution for tear-prone eyes


The Malley 24/7 eyeliner system is perfect for soooo many reasons. First of all your can use just the waterproof pencil with the setting powder, or you can use the powder liner with a fine brush. Or for maximum wear use the pencil as a base, set it with the setting powder and then pump up the color with a top coat of the powder liner. I have tried many good waterproofs but this one lasts the longest and offers the biggest variety in colors. If you have light colored eyes, or black liner is too aging for you, try the Plum. You get lots of definition, with all the advantages of a waterproof. The kit lasts a LONG time, so it's very economical.

Antioch, CA


Mally 24/7 eyeliner system

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