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Malibu Pilates
Malibu Pilates Chair

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This chair is effective but not perfect.


I bought the Malibu Pilates while looking for an effective way to exercise while watching television.  I love aerobics and pilates, but recorded programs and exercise DVDs bore me after awhile.  I was looking for a way to watch my favorite television shows and exercise at the same time.  The Malibu Pilates allows me to do this! The chair comes with a large poster explaining the different exercises and also with some DVDs.  I watched the DVDs to become familiar with the moves, and they were effective.  This piece of equipment can sculpt your arms, legs, buns, abdomen and thighs.  I like being able to choose to tone one part of my body alone or working different parts at the same time with the different exercises. Although this has many positive aspects, some negative aspects I discovered are the following: - The springs for resistance adjustment are not easy to use.  I have to ask my husband to help me move from one level to another. - Folding takes about five minutes to do.  I find it is easier to just place it in a corner when it is not in use. Honestly, I did not purchase this directly from the site.  I found a one-time-used chair locally on Craigs List and saved tons of money. Overall, I would recommend this chair.  It is not perfect, but it has some great qualities and is effective.  I enjoy using it and will continue to use it for years to come.  

Chatfield, MN


Malibu Pilates Chair with Sculpting Handles, Nice workout.


The Malibu Pilates Chair with Sculpting Handles. My mother bought this from QVC. She used it for about a year. She gave it to me about two months ago as she upgraded to a full Pilates machine. The chair is easy to put together and doesn't take much time at all.  You can fold it up and store it under the bed or in the closet. It folds pretty flat. The Pilates chair comes with a large chart and DVD instructions on how to use it.  The down fall of this machine is you can only change the springs to 2 levels. If you are an advanced user this might not be enough for you. The Pilates Chair is very sturdy and all its parts are too. I really can't see anything breaking on it. I really like the chart as I don't follow DVD's very well. It reminds you of the exercises and how to do them properly. I would recommend the Malibu Pilates Chair to beginners like myself and intermediate Pilates exercisers. I think if you are advanced you might not be challenged by this machine.  



Malibu Pilates Chair

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