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Major Calcium Antacid Tablets Extra Strength

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Major Antacid Tablets Extra Strength build calcium my body needs


I always bought Walmart's own brand of antacid tablets until Len's H.M.O. put them on the free, over the counter products, we can choose from. I now get 96 Extra Strength Major Antacid Tablets. I have to say that the berry ones are my favorite, but the ones they have recently sent me, are the assorted fruit. I have 3 bottles in front of me, and one of them seems to have all green ones in it. My least favorite taste. However, I have them for the calcium. I chew 5 a day to give me plenty of calcium for my bones. I take them morning, lunchtime, mid-afternoon, teatime, and just before bed. The body can only absorb so much calcium in one go. They work great for me, and I much prefer them to those awfully large calcium pills. Effectiveness I take them as a supplement. Never get indigestion. Ease of Use just chew. Immediacy I assume they work well for indigestion.

New Port Richey, FL


Major Calcium Antacid Tablets Extra Strength

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