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Mainstays Twin-Over-Twin Wood Bunk Bed, Cherry

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Waste of money does not last long


We used this bunk bed in my sons room for a year. Not even 10 minutes after we detached the top from bottom the bottom rail that holds the mattress split. If my child was on it the wood fragments would have stabbed him.

Wylie, Texas


Perfect for kids of all ages.


I bought this for my kids because our old bunk bed set was getting wobbly from age and I was worried about their safety. The main selling points for me were the fact that it is made of a beautiful wood and that the ladder is attached to the frame. Having the ladder attached to the frame is safer because it avoids tripping hazards and it is also sturdier for when they climb up. I love that the side rails are so high on the top bunk making it a more secure bed for my child. The safety of this bed makes it worth 5 times what I paid for it. The assembly of it is pretty simple you can put it together just looking at the pictures. The only downside is how heavy it is in the box and how awkward it is to move the bunk beds once they are put together. I made the mistake of putting it together in the middle of the room instead of where I wished it to be placed at and getting it situated where I wanted it after assembly took some time and effort. I would highly suggest assembling it in the exact location you want the bed to be at.



Good price, decent bed


For the cheaper price of this bunk bed, I had to at least try it. I purchased for my 2 oldest kids. It is a great bed for any age, as it would be almost impossible to roll off of the top. If you aren't savvy in putting things together, get help with this! It has several pieces and is time consuming to put together. It takes two people to put this together...one holding pieces up while the other drills screws in. The bed itself is sturdy. I have never noticed it was wobbly. It is cheap in price but not cheaply made. The wood is strong and has held up several kids being on the top bunk at once without any issue. One of my only issues with this bunk bed is the wood seems to scratch easily. I have rubbed up against it before with my coat zipper and it left a deep gouge in the wood. I then took my fingernail to scratch it to see how easily it scratched and it left a fine line. I would suggest perhaps painting this before using it with a tough coat of something to avoid this problem.



Mainstays has done it again with this GREAT bunk bed!


I sent my husband out to purchase some bunk beds for our little boys. He found a fantastic deal and purchased the Mainstay Twin-over-twin wood bunk beds in the cherry color. That even we assembled the bunk beds. The instructions were simple to follow, even without words, only pictures. We did use a power screwdriver instead of the little wrenches they provided. Humans just can't quite do what power can. And with 2 little boys, we know they are rowdy. So I do suggest using the power tools if you have them. The boys enjoy the new beds, and we are completely satisfied with the quality and durability of them. I'm actually surprised at how well they are made, as they were very cheap. But so far we have had no problems. The only issue I have is making the bed. That's quite a job for the top bunk, but that would be expected with any bun bed. I like that when the boys get bigger and don't want to be bunk beds anymore, we can seperate them. All in all we are super happy!!!

Spencer, IN


Mainstays Twin-Over-Twin Wood Bunk Bed, Cherry

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