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Mainstays 200 Thread Count Sheets

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Good for a one time use, that is it


These sheets are fairly inexpensive and you get what you pay for. I had a budget, but ended up getting these rather than the 120 thread count. I got them home and was disappointed. They feel like paper rather than fabric. They are not comfortable when you sleep on them. If you were expecting something nice to snuggle up, you will be surprised. Don't use them before you wash them because the color will transfer to your night clothes and mattress. They were adequate for a one time use, then the next night they got a rip in them because of my dog's nail. If you need emergency sheets, these would probably do. If you want luxurious, comfortable sheets, do not purchase these mainstays sheets.



You get what you pay for.


With these sheets you get what you pay for.  They are reasonably priced but they don't hold up real well after a few washings.   I personally couldn't recommend these.  I would go for a higher thread count.  The higher thread count the softer the sheet and the better they hold up.  They will cost more but save you money in the long run.

Falkville, AL


They are a good value.


These Mainstays sheets are a good value.  They are by no means incredible, but for the price you can't beat it! No, you won't be using these sheets in 30 years, but who really wants to use sheets for that long anyhow?  I have some that I've used for 5 years & they still have plenty of life in them!  They fit the mattress well & I've not noticed any loss of color.  If you want a cheap sheet just for everyday- these are it!

High Ridge, MO


Not very soft


250 thread count sheets are never a very soft sheet.  Inexpensive yes, but hold out for 350 or more and you'll love yourself every night when you climb into bed!  Some stores run specials on the 350+ sheets quite often, especially January.  Try to stock up when there are good prices.Carson's has 500 count on sale every few months too.  Pamper yourself, enjoy a soft, comfy bed.  You sdeserve it.

Crown Point, IN


it is really comfortable and soft.


i thank the mainstay home 200 thread count sheets are very comfortable and soft. i will tell everyone to buy them. they are very cheap. the are washable and u can put them in the dryer and it will not hurt them.  i sleep on them everynight. those are the only sheets that i will buy.

Katy, TX


Mainstays 200 Thread Count Sheets

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