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Magnum Countryside Fireplace

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Don't waste your money on a Magnum Countryside Insert


We had our Magnum Countryside Insert installed November 26, 2008. The first stove had an alignment problem between the fire pot and the fuel stirrer drive, as the fuel stirrer turned the fire pot would lift up and it made a lot of noise. The hopper lid was also very bent.  Our dealer replaced the stove the next week. The replacement stove has had the fuel auger motor fail twice now. After the second motor replacement (1-29-09), stove burned well, but went out overnight, and will not stay lit now. I contacted our dealer he doesn't know what might be wrong and has to contact the company on Monday (2-02-09). We are waiting to hear from someone.  Don't waste your money on a Magnum Countryside Fireplace Insert.

Meadville, PA


Magnum Countryside Fireplace

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