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Magnavox in. LCD TV

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A really good TV!


This is a really great TV, especially for the price! It's mostly used for movies and video games and both look and sound great! It was a very cheap TV and I didn't expect it to work long or last long but when we turned it on it was much nicer than I expected. I still have it and it still works like two years after. Picture Quality The picture is amazing! Movies are sharp and clear, cartoons are bright and colorful, video games are crisp and you can see far into the background. Sound Quality The sound is also really good! It is very loud and very clear even at a low volume. I don't ever need to turn it up much higher than 10. When playing video games I can hear things even off in the distance or in the background. Durability I haven't had anything break on the TV but it also hasn't moved much since it was bought. We moved to a different house but it wasn't ever jostled or bumped or dropped so I'm not sure how it would be if something like that happened. It is very heavy though so it wouldn't be hard to drop it or knock it over if it wasn't set up properly. Design The design of the screen is good but the stand it a little small for the size and weight of the TV. It's not super sturdy but it did come with mounting hardware so that would probably be a better option. Performance The channels change very fast and I didn't think it would last long because it was so cheap but it still works great!



Magnavox makes a great HD TV


This Magnavox 32 inch HD television is a great bedroom TV.  It's a great size and does not take over the room.   The ultra-clear picture is great for watching TV as well as DVD's and Blue Ray discs, since it is HD.   I love the smart sound feature for those annoying commercials that always seem to be louder than the actual program.  There are several other sound features as well as the usual picture adjustments.  There are 2 HDMI outputs and the standard red/yel/white outputs on the back as well as on the side for easy access when  mounted on the wall.  The remote has very few buttons yet all the features are easily found for the most technologically disadvantaged people.  All of the features are also accessible from the TV set in case the remote is lost.  I appreciate that this television is energy-star rated (3.0).  The television is slim, sleek and overall I am very please.  I would recommend it to others.

Corpus Christi, TX


Magnavox in. LCD TV

5.0 2