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MSR 90D6
Magnavox - MSR90D6 DVD Recorder

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Magnavox - MSR90D6 DVD Recorder is the best


I bought the Magnavox - MSR90D6 DVD Recorder over three years ago. I have never had any problems with this player. I record a lot of shows and it always makes a great copy of what ever I record. This is one of the few players that I have had that has lasted this long. I have had several different brands of dvd players and I have always had to replace them after two years. We use them all the time. We use the dvd player every day and most of the brands out there tend to burn out. This Magnavox - MSR90D6 DVD Recorder acts like it will never die. When I bought this Magnavox - MSR90D6 DVD Recorder it was fairly cheap and I was very happy with the price and after having it for over three years I am really happy that I bought it when I did. I would recommend this player to everyone that is in need of a dvd recorder. The movies load fast and when I record on it I like the fact that I have to choice to finalize the disks or leave them open for more recordings. This is a must buy if you like to record and watch shows on dvd. 

Humble, TX


Clock stopped working!


We have had this DVD recorder for a couple of years.  It is easy to use and writes to disk pretty quickly.  It is much more convenient than using a VCR.  You can edit the labels in the DVD menus of disks you create pretty easily.  It reads various formats and will play Mp3s.  However, when changing titles in a DVD, it does so VERY slowly.  Some of the DVD menu transitions are painfully slow.  The biggest problem - we used to use this to record all of our favorite TV shows, but the clock no longer keeps the correct time - or any time!  It isn't fast or slow, it's stuck!  Therefore, the timer recording feature is worthless!  There is no way to reset the clock so that it stays on the correct time and we have no idea what caused it to break.  It happened before the digital signal transition, so it has nothing to do with that.  It was a good product and worked great for a year or so and it was inexpensive, but now it is only useful for playing DVDs.

Boone, NC


Magnavox - MSR90D6 DVD Recorder

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