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Magnavox LCD TV

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Magnavox LCD TV provides clear picture with small price


We purchased this television about a year and a half ago.  We chose this television because it was an upgrade from our previous space hogging television that we no longer had a space for.  This television fits nicely on our dresser in our room.  It was a cheaper price then other televisions, but with modern television features.  We could have gone with a bigger and fancier television, but the price and quality of the Magnavox was just right for us.  So far it has been a great television.  I am constantly surprised how clear the picture is with the HD channels that we receive.  The sports channels are especially clear. The sound is adequate, nothing special or fancy, but clear.  When we watch movies, we do have to turn the volume up louder then we do for normal television watching.  Sometimes it is a little shock when we switch back to the television channels and the volume is a lot louder. I would buy this television again. It has been a great for us.

Kaysville, UT


Does not live up to expectations


I purchased my Magnavox 19" HDTV in November 2007. It was my first venture into the world of HDTV. The quality of this TV is not what I expected from the well-respected name of Magnavox. A few small "bugs" keep me from giving this TV more than a two-star rating. Most annoying are two "stuck pixels". They are red and are always on whenver the TV is on. And they are on opposite sides of the screen. The TV is powered on and off via the remote and also front panel button. There is a red "standby" LED when the set is off; it changes to green when the set is turned on. But sometimes there is NO led. At these times, the remote will not power on the TV; it has to be done via the front panel button. This is an intermittent condition, and so far, unpredictable. The TV itself produces a remarkable HDTV 720P image. When watching an HDTV program, it is almost like looking through a window; particularly when live broadcasts are being shown (News, Sports, etc). I did call Magnavox Customer Service regarding the two issues I mentioned above. The almost English-speaking representative read me the same solution for both issues; "Power the TV off for 5 minutes, then power it on again". This did not solve either issue. I gave up on Magnavox Customer Service. The options available for setting up the TV can be overwhelming. You can almost fine-tune every setting and option. Very surprising to see this in a low-cost HDTV. I am an electronics engineer. I know when something is defective. This set is defective; but since I use the set mostly for watching a VCR for half-an-hour a day, I will accept the defects. BTW... it produces a very nice and stable SDTV image from the video tape. But SDTV is going to be disappearing. I recenly purchased a 32" HDTV replacement for this TV, and have delegated it to serve as a PC monitor. It does an ample job, but it does not set the screen resolution correctly during PC boot-up unless the unit is turned off the PC input and back on to it again. Another annoyance. And as a monitor, the two stuck pixels are more annoying, as the user is much closer to the screen than when used as a TV. Overall, my Magnavox 19" HDTV is a nice TV and monitor. But it should not have the problems mentioned above. Buy this brand at your own risk. I will not do so again.

Milford, CT




Do not buy this television. I will never buy a Magnavox television again.I did not even have it for two years before it broke down. When I would turn on the television it would make extremely loud screeching noises and the picture would turn to static for a few minutes before it would finally work. As time went on it got worse and worse.Televisions should last much longer than this one did. I have also heard about other people having the same problem. It also takes a while to chage channels which can be very annoying. Another annoying feature was the large box at the top of the screen when you change channels. On the postive side the picture quality was good and the television was very light weight. I liked the remote it came with and it is easy to set up. It would have been a good televsion if it would have lasted longer. Overall it was a waste of money because of its extremely short life.

Orlando, FL


The Magnavox 19" LCD TV-19MF337B -This sound is clear!


Looking for the best HDTV on the market, you have found it, the Magnavox 19" LCD TV-flat screen (19MF337B).  The first sight and sound just grabbed me, the sound was clear and criisp, the first sight I saw on the Magnavox TV was of anamals in the sea as they live normally, darting in and out of the coral, it took my breath away, each color so perfict, each color change was striking!  Being no expert on the hook-up, it was somewhat daunting, even with the instructions they did supply, but I did make it through the process.  The remote was set up to provide ease for the person using it.  The menu was a bit hard to pick up, but with a few uses I felt comfortable with it. I have bought only two Magnavox TV's in my lifetime (I'am 57 years old now) , I enjoyed my first TV for many years, and know I will continue enjoying the new Magnavox for many more years, they build there TV's with lots of quality!  It does make a great computer monitor also.  The bad point would be, it dosen't supply all the cords needed, but don't let that stop you, buy them at the local stores in your area.  This is a longlastingTV, built for a lifetime of viewing entertainment.

St Petersburg, FL


Magnavox LCD TV

3.0 4