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Over-the-Ear Headphones
Magnavox - Foldable Lightweight Headphones (MHL 1600)

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These are still my favorite headphones!


These simple Magnavox over-the-ear headphones might be discontinued, but they're the best I've had for my Sony Discman! Simple is the best as long as you treat it right! Just the right size, comfortable, easily portable, and is my style! Sound Quality When I plug these in to a surround-sound stereo or TV I GET the surround-sound, and when the TV or stereo is NOT surround-sound I only get sound from one side. Which is exactly what I expect from the headphones if the audio system is a certain way. Comfort The cushions on these headphones are small and simple but feel great on my ears. Comfortable, soft, and not itchy. Design Maybe they're not the flashiest and fanciest headphones, but they're just right in the style department for me. The more retro the better, and these Magnavox over-the-ears does it perfectly! Durability As long as I'm careful with the headphones like I am with everything else I use, they'll last a long time. I make sure to hold the rubber end to insert them into jacks AND pull them out instead of by the cord, I take them off before I get up if they're attached to something that isn't portable, and I make sure to store them where they won't get wet or overheated or dirty. I take care of them, they're built just right to work for me.



The Magnavox MHL1600 is a good deal


The Magnavox MHL1600 is a a great deal for the price. Had mine for over a year. Showing some wear on the ear pads but otherwise in good working order. Had many products prior to this but this is the best for the travler. Easily folds for carrying and prevents breaking as most of the other headset products I have - which are now broken.

Plano, TX


Magnavox - Foldable Lightweight Headphones (MHL 1600)

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