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Magnavox - DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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Do not waste your money!


I received this DVD recorder last year for Christmas.  I was VERY excited!  Until I hooked it up! The VCR part did work, although it took a couple of hours & 2-3 calls to their customer service department.  After my migraine settled down, the next day I tried to use the DVD recording part of this unit.  A couple more calls to customer service, then I figured it out.  So I set it up to tape some programs off of the cable that night.  Before the programs started, the clock kept on changing the time on its own!  So after I changed it back a few times, it did record one program, but not all of them.  So I called customer service again.  They told me to mail it to them, at my expense.  So I told them what I thought of their idea.  And that I should not have to pay for shipping since it is a defective item.  So then I did a search for this product to see if anyone had a similar problem with this, and maybe I could fix it myself.  Many others had the same problem, and were told to send it to magnavox.  So I asked for the receipt, and returned the unit.  Besides being broken, I was very dissappointed in magnavox's customer service department.  I will not buy another product from them!  And yes, I can use/program any other dvd recorder without using the manual except for this one!  

Rockford, IL


Magnavox DVDR/VCR Combo Goes Both Ways


If you're like me and have more VCR tapes than anyone should in this day and age, this is the perfect player to own. This give me the ability of watching either a VCR tape (albeit rarely) or a DVD without having to change cords in the back of the TV or keep track of multiple remotes.   Also, this player allows the owner to take a VCR tape a dub it to a DVD with just the push of a single button. Just one button and it begins playback of the VCR tape and begins the recording onto a blank, or unfinished, DVD.   The DVD recording is also excellent for those of us without a DVR cable system. Simply set the clock to the desired time and select the correct channel and the DVD recorder takes care of the rest.   Some DVD players react poorly to minor dings or scratches on a DVD disc. This player is powerful enough to ignore the really small errors on a disc to provide a flawless playback. The player also shows clearly where a menu selection is and all available menus. The reason this is important to me is because I've had players in the past that did not do this.   All in all, this is a multifunction player that was a great value. Sadly, VCR/DVDR combinations are becoming more and more rare now that VCR tapes are vanishing from the marketplace. However, if you do come across this player at your local store, I say buy it. It could only help you.

Indianapolis, IN


Magnavox - DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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