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Magnavox DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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Magnavox DVD Recorder/VCR Combo is Excellent!!


We are old enough that we still have quite the VHS collection and we don't have the money to get all of those videos in DVD or Blue Ray form. When our VHS player died my dad bought us a Manavox DVD Recorder/VCR Combo and it has been great. First of all it is great in that we can record DVD's so we can work at recording our VHS tapes onto DVD's. The record feature is really easy to use. It has inputs and outputs in the back and on the front for easy video game hook ups. I think the best part is that we have been able to hook our computer into the player so that we can watch HULU and other online television through the player. The one real problem that it has is that the remote control works from a very specific angle. You can't just aim and push. You have to play around with the remote a few times to get it to work and that really is a pain. There aren't many choices left in the world for a VCR/DVD combo so I guess all in all this is pretty good. We are pretty happy with it.

Delton, MI


Magnavox DVD Recorder VCR Combo

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