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Magnavox - DVD Player

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Magnavox DP100MW8B DVD/CD Player


I received this Magnavox DP100MW8B DVD/CD player as a gift about 2-1/2 years ago, it was very easy to hook up and set up as well, it's been a very good DVD player and hasn't given us any problems, as of yet. Of all the DVD's we've purchased and played through it, we've only had one DVD that wouldn't work in it, even after cleaning the disk, but I would have to say that after 2+ years, you can't complain about that! We have yet to use it as CD or MP3 player, so I couldn't tell you how or even if that works, we only play movies on it. It has several features that are really nice and easy to use, one of which I find is the zoom feature, which makes it great if you don't have a wide screen TV. It is equipped to handle, playback, MP3, repeat/random/programmed playback, has special settings for subtitle & audio languages, as well as a camera angle adjustment, black level setting, stereo sound mode, virtual surround setting available for DVD/CD & MP3. The manual does go into full and easy to read and understand details on what the player will do. It is one of the lower cost DVD/CD & MP3 player on the market, but that don't mean it's cheaply made, I believe it does as good as the higher priced ones do. I would recommend this Magnavox DVD/CD/MP3 player as a main unit or an additional unit for the bedroom or guest room. For us, it has with stood the test of time.

Olive Hill, KY


This is great product! Worth every penny!


This is a great product! You can record shows straight from the television on to a recordable DVD. You can also hook a VCR up to this DVD recorder, and transfer old home movies to a recordable DVD. It is a little difficult to learn to use, but worth the time to learn. Overall this is a great product.

Cookeville, TN


DVD Disappointment


My kids recently received this DVD player from an aunt that was visiting. It was a nice gesture but I was immediately worried about the lightness of it and it seemed a little low quality. Sure enough, it lasted about two days. My oldest daughter, whom I must say takes very good care of her toys and things, went to eject a dvd and it is stuck. Because it was a gift from someone out of state, I can't return it either. I ended up giving to my neighbor, who took it apart to try to fix, to no avail.

Latonia, KY


Works fine and at a good price


**We recently bought the Magnavox - DP100MW8B DVD Player because our Magnavox DVD/ DVD Recorder broke after only a few months. We decided just to go with the cheapest DVD player we could find so we could at least watch movies but did not have the money to invest in anything fancy. This DVD does the job and we are able to watch our favoite kids and family films without any problems. It is nothing fancy and is a basic model but works fine as long as you are not expecting anything special. For a movie room or for top quality you might want to spend more money but this is a great model for families with small children. My kids are able to operate it and I do not have to worry as much since it was a cheaper price. **

Yakima, WA




We are thorougly please with our Magnavox DVD player. We have had this one now for 2 years -- our previous one was also very good -- also Magnavox. We like that it is easy enough for the children to be able to operate on their own -- without help. We also like the quality of the pictures it portrays. It is quiet and rarely gets over heated or anything like that. We use it everyday -- usually a couple hours a day -- as we do not have television and it gives years of value. It is also very easy to set up when you first get it. easy to understand directions and no problems installing. Sound is also very good. We haven't used the timed options but we do like that they are available if we choose to ever use them. Not too many options -- pretty basic -- but all that we feel that we need. And as stated before -- easy enough for children to operate on their own. Nice and compact too so we can take it with us if we need to!

Pleasant Shade, TN


Best DVD I've Ever Owned and I Love it!


I bought this little jewel for a Christmas present for myself to go with a brand new tv!  This player is miles above my previous player.  It is sleek, black, remote controlled and works like a charm!  I actually started getting movies again just because of this new DVD player.  I had always heard Magnavox was one of the best but had never owned one.  However, at Christmastime when everything was on a fantastic price deal, I ran across this one online and said, I gotta get that.  It truly has the best picture and sound quality of any DVD player I have ever owned!  The fact that it has a remote, that does everything but the dishes, was just an added goodie for me.  My old ones remote gave up years ago.  This DVD player will bring you and your family great movie time together without having to mess with anything.  Just sit back and watch.  I'm so glad that I decided to go ahead and get it with my new tv I just can't tell you!  I highly reccomend this for all!

Wichita, KS


Great value - Magnavox DVD Player


A few years ago, my DVD player died and we had to replace it.  We weren't looking for anything fancy.  In fact, we were looking for the cheapest thing we could find at Walmart.  We found just that in this Magnavox DVD player.  It was the lowest priced DVD player in the store, and there were plenty of them in stock.   However, it is by no means a cheap DVD player.  We originally bought it as a cheap hold-over until we could get what we really wanted.  It has lasted us for two years without a single problem!  We realized after getting this DVD player that it did the only thing we were interested in - playing DVDs.  It is a light-weight and compact model that sits unobtrusively on our TV, and goes together pretty well with our digital converter box. This little DVD player has worked so well for us that I bought another one for use at my work about a year ago.  It was perfect for this application, being so inexpensive and compact.

Crewe, VA


This magnavox DVD player is very simple and inexpensive


This DVD player is a great product to own. Especially if you are looking for something that is cheap, lightweight, and long lasting. I have had mine for 2 years and it is still kicking. It is small so easy to fit in tight spaces. Can easily be programmed to a universal remote if lose remote. There is only one thing I am not fond of and that is the fact that it does not have more function buttons on the actual DVD player itself. One day I could not find the remote and I was unable to fast forward or rewind the movie without the remote.                                  Overall for the price and other  advantages of it I would definitely buy this DVD player again and again.

Burnsville, NC


The Wonderful magnavox dvd/cd player DP100MW8


I own this exact DVD/CD player but in black and i LOVE IT! it wasnt expensive, its light-weight, you can take with you just about anywhere since its so small, it doesnt have any affect on how the movie plays or CD sounds, it doesnt have complicated buttons on it nor does the DVD/CD remote, it plays movies great and it doesnt take up alot of space. i've had this DVD/CD player for about 2 or 3 years and its still playing my movies like its brand new. i haven't had any complications with it. it might not be the most fashionable-looking DVD player, but it all you really need it to do is play your movies or CDs...what else!?

Greensboro, NC


Easy to use, with nice quality.


This device was easy to set up right out of the box. I had it up and running properly, no problems, within ten minutes. I popped in a DVD as a test and it played great on the first try. I have had no problems at all since then. The operation of the machine has been nearly perfect. The only small things that have happened are a key on the remote control sticking now and then, but that issue is not consistent. I like the design of this player. It makes sense and the entire thing is simple to use. Also, the machine is well constructed. I accidentally dropped it and there was no damage. It still worked exactly as before and you wouldn't have known it had been dropped from a considerable distance. It's also an economical buy. I did some price comparisons and could not find anything that looked noticeably better in the same price range. It is light, easy to carry, easy to install, easy to use, has no real flaws for what it is supposed to do. No, it is not the fanciest DVD player, but it doesn't claim to be and does get the basic job done great.

Fond Du Lac, WI


Magnavox - DVD Player

3.8 16