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Blu-Ray Player
Magnavox Blu-Ray Player

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Easy to use


We purchased our Magnavox bluray player a year and a half ago as a Christmas sale special. I'm not a super technical person, so I was a bit concerned about how difficult a bluray might be to use and I wasn't sure about the quality given the price we paid. I shouldn't have worried. This player is so easy to use and has given us no problems at all. My six year old uses it by herself on a regular basis. The quality of the picture is excellent as well. All the pictures are so clear and sharp even if you are just playing a DVD and not a blury disc. We have not had any problems at all with the player once it is up and running, however it does take quite a while to turn on and load a disc. If watching an actual bluray disc, those take even longer to load. The unit does not overheat or make additional noises like some others I have seen. The remote is easy to use. I don't think we have ever changed the batteries in it, and it works from all the way across the room.

Bristol, TN


NB530MGX: Affordable first Bly-Ray player.


The best thing I can say about this Blu-Ray player is that it seems to be a good value for what it is.  (This model is priced fairly cheap at most of the major retailers right now.)  This is the first Blu-Ray player I've used, so I'm obviously not going to be that picky about the fine details.  It is a Blu-Ray player.  It plays Blu-Ray discs and DVDs and, quite frankly, that's all I wanted it to do. However, I have noticed a couple of things that you should probably know about if you're considering buying one: First, it takes a very long time to start up and open the tray.  (By this I mean that if I had some bread and peanut butter, I could probably make a sandwich by the time this Blu-Ray player started up and opened so I could put a disc in it.) This isn't really ideal, but if you're planning on watching a movie, you probably aren't in a big hurry. Second, you can't really tell online, but it's a bit bigger than the newer models.  So, be careful if you're short on space. Otherwise, it is a fine Blu-Ray player, though, and works quite well once it's started up.   

Gastonia, NC


Magnavox Blu-Ray Player

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