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Magnavox 47 in. LCD TV

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This Magnavox TV is a great value.


This is a Magnavox HD 1080p LCD flat screen tv. The refresh rate is fantastic. Gaming graphics are excellent. HD movies are crisp. Non-HD movies are very clear. The price was better then a friend of mine could have gotten as an employee at Best Buy. Great tv all around.

Unionville, NY


magnavox 47mf439b tv has ups and downs


we got our magnavox 47mf439b tv for cheap during a super bowl weekend sale at target.  we were only going to get a tv around 20 to 30 inches but because it was so cheap that we went for the 47 inch.  the picture quality and brightness on the magnavox 47mf439b tv are very nice.  we honestly have no complaints whatsoever about those aspects.  this tv is also quite easy to use, with simple but useful menus and plenty of inputs of different kinds, it is perfectly simple to set up whatever you like.  the problem is ours started doing this weird sound thing one day where it will just suddenly blast white noise while we are watching something, and we have to n turn the tv off and back on again to get it back to normal.  needless to say, this is very annoying, although for some reason it has not been nearly as loud when it's done it lately, and sometimes it will go days without doing it at all.  very weird, guess we got a fluke

Clearwater, FL


HD at its finest


This tv is perfect! it has the most crystal clear viewing. Also the volume is perfect. Its great for viewing movies the speakers provide a sense of surround sound without all the additional speakers  

Hollywood, FL


Magnavox 47 in. LCD TV

4.3 3