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Magnavox 42MD459B-F7 47 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV/Blu-ray Combo

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Magnavox 42 inch TV/ Blue Ray combo is AWESOME!


We love our Magnavox 42 inch Blue Ray/TV combo. It is just the right size, not too big but big enough to really see the picture well. It has the clearest picture of any tv we have ever owned. We love the blue ray player as well. It does sometimes freeze up, but not often, very rarely actually. Has only happened twice in the last year. I love that you turn the TV on and it is almost instantaneous with only about a second delay.I also love that is fairly light weight. The big screen TV we had previously was not a flat screen and it was way too heavy. It took three or four strong men to move it, and this one I can moved by myself. The sound on my magnavox is awesome too! I has better sound than my friends other brand tv that is a 55 inch with huge speakers. This tv has better sound than that one which is important to me because I love to watch music videos.If you are looking for a reliable TV that saves space because you don't have to buy a Blue Ray player as well since it built in, and if you are looking for a TV that will last you a good long time, I think this is it. I have another friend who has had one of these tvs for several years and it is still has as  good a picture and sound as the day she bought it.I would definately  recommend this TV.

Daisetta, TX


Magnavox 42MD459B-F7 47 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV/Blu-ray Combo

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