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Magnavox - 42 in. LCD TV

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Magnavox 42 inch TVs have weird audio


Not a bad TV, bought the 42 inch about 6 months ago. They forgot to send 6 large screws that secure the TV to the stand, which is a little odd, but they did send them after I called the 800 number.   Picture quality is good and the TV seems reliable so far. The one big negative is the sound. I tried all the sound options but it always seems weird. When your watching a show the sound levels change. For instance, on a game show, the clapping and audience are louder than the announcer, just what you don't want. They call it magical sound or something, its awful. I wish I could just set it so the sound is level throughout a broadcast but I cannot. I won't even mention how much louder the commercials are. Too bad, seems like an easy option to set sound to a normal level but it does not exist.  I think I'm used to the sound by now, still wish it was correctable.    

Everett, WA


watching tv on this product makes your eyes happy!!


I am so happy to have the chance to write a review on the **Magnavox 42MF437B 42 in. LCD TV.**  We just bought one of these a couple of months ago and my husband and I are totally in love with it!!! It is definately the best tv that we have ever owned and I am even more happy with it at home then I was at the store after getting a great deal on it. The best thing about this tv is that it has a beautiful picture that is very crisp and clear. It is so easy on the eyes!! I love not having to strain my eyes watching tv!! Also, the sound quality of the speaker is very good and can easily be heard without having to turn it all the way up like most of the other brands that we listened to in the stores. Magnavox is a brand that I have always liked and had great success with as far as the quality of their products and this tv is no exception. I love this tv and would highly recommend this product to others who want a great tv with an excellent picture.

Cheyenne, WY


Magnavox - 42 in. LCD TV

4.0 2