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Magnavox 32MD301B/F7 32" 3D HDTV-Ready LCD TV/DVD Combo

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Great tv!


After my old flat screen was starting to break-- getting red lines on the screen and cutting out-- I was considering getting a new TV. I also did not have very much room for it. One day I woke up and found out that something had chewed the cords up and it would not turn on, then I went to feed my pet rats and they had chewed out of their huge cage! They had chewed through the bottom plastic and got out and chewed the tv cord up! I found them in the dresser sleeping, and put them back in their cage. After I did that, I headed to the store looking for a new tv. After looking for a while, I found this t.v. at a great price. I bought the t.v. and took it home. It was easy to set up and getting the channels only took a few minutes. When it finally turned on and I could watch the channels, it was great! It had many different functions like "energy saver" and "crisp" plus it had a remote, unlike my old tv with didn't have a remote. Plus this t.v. had very good sound, It can be super loud or very quiet. I gave my old t.v. away to a friend who didnt have one. I would recommend this t.v. to everyone! I really like it! Good luck!



Magnavox TV/DVD


I love my tv/dvd and recommend this for a bit less in price if your looking for a less expensive flat screen that also has a dvd player. Picture Quality Although it could be a higher definition, this is suitable for me and I'm very happy with the picture. Sound Quality Sound is great and have no problems in that area. Works best in one room unless you hook it up to surround sound. Durability This is a flat screen that is just as durable as any and I love that it take up very little space. Design Its simple and classy looking and love the added Dvd player in the side, this is just a great concept all in one. Performance Again the performance of this television has been great and I have no complaints.

Lincoln, NE


Magnavox 32MD301B/F7 32" 3D HDTV-Ready LCD TV/DVD Combo

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