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DVD Recorder
Magnavox - (160 GB) DVD Recorder HDD Recorder

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Magnavox DVD Recorder/HDD Recorder-can't live without it


I love this DVD Recorder/HDD Recorder.  I will never go back to just a DVD Recorder.  With this hard drive, you can record your tv shows, movies, etc with just a click of a button.  You can go back to the beginning of the show and start from there.  Sure, I know that the satellite companies and cable companies have DVR's that do the same thing - but this is a one time expense and you do not have to pay a monthly fee.  GREAT IDEA!!!!

Julian, NC


Easy, fast recording without the hassle of tapes and discs


This DVD/Hard Disk recorder is exceptional! Picture quality (even though it offers only SDTV) is exceptional if you use the HDMI connection. You can watch and pause live TV thrugh the HDD or watch something while you're recording. It records up to 80 hours or more but if you are like me and want good picture quality, use High Quality Recording Mode, which is only about 32 hours but still enough. I always recommend to use the hard disk drive for recording because it is much faster than the DVD drive. Use latter just for playback. Warning: Before you try to play formatted DVD's or record or finalize on this unit, contact the manufacturer through customer service and inquire if your device has the E19 problem. Ask for a firmware (FW) update for the Mag 2160A with mfg dates in 2009. And do not use the Autoclock setting (it is faulty) - set clock manually OR ask customer service if they have a fix for that now.

Fort Myers, FL


Magnavox - (160 GB) DVD Recorder HDD Recorder

4.5 2